In an effort to further cooperate between government entities in the field of public health, Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC) hosted a visit of representatives and participants from the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) Executive Programme (MEP).

During the visit, the MEP delegation was introduced to the best practices being deployed by public health programmes in Abu Dhabi, as well as the utilisation of technology and research in establishing public health systems that contribute to managing diseases related to public health. These include data quality extraction that aims to enhance community health and the implementation of measures that protect against and prevent the spread of disease.

The MEP visitors were received by representatives of ADPHC, including His Excellency Matar Al Nuaimi, Director-General; Her Excellency Dr Farida Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Infectious Diseases Sector; His Excellency Dr Jamal Al Naqbi, Executive Director of the Public Health System Sector; and others.

The MEP delegation attended a workshop conducted in collaboration with officials from the centre, which showcased strategic projects in the field of digital public health and innovation, providing an opportunity for discussions on the exchange of expertise and experiences in the domain of public health.

The delegation was also introduced to the public health and preventive health systems in Abu Dhabi, along with the smart solutions implemented in various initiatives and projects. These include the Birth and Death Notification System, Disease Registration System, and Infectious Disease Surveillance System, which played a crucial role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This visit helped foster bilateral communication and cooperation between ADPHC and MBZUAI in the field of public health and artificial intelligence, enabling the exchange of expertise, knowledge and successful experiences in disease control, promoting community health, and leveraging modern technologies to enhance preventive and awareness measures. Such constructive visits aim to promote new discoveries and scientific advancements that benefit the entire community.