Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities (MBZUH) has launched three new academic journals that will focus on research studies and developments in Philosophy, Islamic Studies and Applied Linguistics.

The publications, which will be peer-reviewed, are part of the university’s efforts to enhance the position of the Arabic language in research and knowledge production and strengthen its position as an important tool for scholarly pursuits that will have an impact on contemporary issues and offer solutions to society’s challenges.

The journals will publish research in both Arabic and English, to reach a wider and more diverse audience locally and internationally. Each journal will have its specialisation.

The Journal of Philosophical Studies specialises in theoretical and applied philosophical research as well as humanities in general. It will feature issues related to the philosophy of language, religion, ethics and history, while also examining the relevance of philosophy to other academic fields and interests.

The second journal, is concerned with Islamic studies and all its branches, to provide a comprehensive view of research developments in this field in terms of theories, methodologies and applications. The journal will feature a wide range of historical, linguistic, textual, social, cultural, economic and intellectual approaches, and will seek to encourage the opening of new horizons for Islamic Studies and its impact on current academic issues as well as human civilization.

The third will focus on applied linguistics. By employing language in a contemporary manner with inputs from multiple academic disciplines, the journal seeks to contribute to the development, adaptation and practice of linguistics. In doing so, it would also help enhance current linguistics education programmes with tools and valuable studies that can be referenced for language policies. In addition, the magazine will support initiatives, such as advancing the use of technology in linguistics, digital libraries, artificial intelligence and automated learning.

His Excellency Dr Khalifa Mubarak Al Dhaheri, Chancellor of MBZUH, confirmed that the publications embody the university’s support for the UAE's education strategy in general and achieving its vision of knowledge economy.

His Excellency Al Dhaheri said: “These journals will also strengthen the university’s position in academic research as a leading global higher education institution that has world-class academic programmes and contributes significantly to the production of knowledge through research and publication as well as academic conferences.”

According to the chancellor, the journals will be produced in line with international standards for quality and will feature topics that will be of relevance to their respective fields as well as to the academic community.

Published in cooperation with renowned academic publishers Brill Publishing House, the journals can be accessed globally through its digital editions and the topics in each journal will be SEO-optimised to make it easy for researchers to find and use. The three journals will be published annually in print and electronic format. Interested researchers can visit the university's website at to subscribe and submit articles for consideration.