Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities (MBZUH) has launched a series of initiatives aimed at strengthening its position as a leading global centre of excellence in the field of the humanities.

The university recently published 46 academic papers, highlighting its standing at the forefront of humanities research. The productive output also underscores the depth of the university’s research capabilities, with a prolific team supporting its research plans and ambitions.

To further the depth and capabilities of its research and academic programmes, MBZUH has also created three specialised databases that researchers worldwide can access, to ensure they have a wealth of knowledge and information they can draw on to produce high-quality research.

The university has provided qualified faculty with a total of 8 research grants to be utilised in studies and training programmes that will further advance the standard of research in the university, with a focus on the humanities. 

The training programmes that will be done by the university will focus on training research staff to elevate their research skills to the highest standards that are on par with the best in the world. The programmes will include training undergraduate and graduate students on the basics of academic research, writing research theses as well as honing their skills in research documentation through periodic workshops by specialists.

In addition, the university will be launching a Science Buds project, which aims to enhance the research capabilities of students and researchers by working alongside designated professors who will be their academic mentors to support their growth in research, both theoretically and practically. The training programmes will also include the An Hour with the Editor session, to provide scientific and academic support to every student and researcher face-to-face with an expert specialised in the research they will be undertaking.

In an effort to further boost its pre-eminent position in the humanities, MBZUH will be sending students to attend international conferences and participate with solid research papers, as well as implement exchange programmes, which will provide students ample opportunities to visit universities, research and cultural centres in various countries of the world, by various agreements signed by the university with prestigious partner institutions abroad.

As part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen its standing as a leading global centre for excellence, the Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities published three books on research that were presented during the conferences organised by the university previously. These include the Second International Conference on Philosophy the Conference on Islamic Studies and the Renewal of Religious Discourse.

Another initiative that the university recently completed was the second edition of the Sheikh Zayed Intelligence Award. This recognition programme honours excellence in the field of academic research in the humanities. It aims to encourage academic researchers at the university to write peer-reviewed research.

In addition, the university also introduced the Promising Researchers award, one of the pillars of the ongoing research and academic development programme for students, by encouraging them to engage in academic research.

Dr Maria Al-Hattali, Director of the Research Support Department, said that the outcomes of the training programmes are aimed at enhancing the university’s research programmes, enabling the students to choose their research topic creatively and critically, and helping them chart the course toward completing their research projects.

Dr Al Hattali said: "The prospects for the training programs are to increase the research capacity of humanities students and support the production of high-quality research in general."