Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities has added three new journals to its portfolio as part of efforts to further boost its contribution to the research sector by publishing highly regarded academic journals.

The three new publications, issued in cooperation with Brill International for Scientific Research and Publishing, include the Islamic Studies Journal ; the Philosophical Studies Journal and the Applied Linguistics Journal. The journals aim to enhance Islamic and philosophical studies and linguistics, improve research outputs, strengthen the role of research and study centres in the dissemination of knowledge, and provide platforms for investigation and research on topics of interest.

The publication of the Islamic Studies Journal seeks to develop interest in methods of Islamic studies and associated topics, while also expanding critical research of contemporary problems and issues within the classical Islamic studies framework. The first issue of the journal addressed a range of topics, including: the role of knowledge integration in addressing contemporary challenges, the relationship between the Qur’an and approaches to understanding it, the image of Christ in Islamic heritage, the science of comparative religion, and an examination of mutual understanding between secular and religious students of Islamic studies in Russia and the US. The journal also contains critical reviews of five new books in Arabic and Islamic research.

The first issue of the Philosophical Studies Journal included four research papers and three critical reviews prepared by a group of academics with an extensive record of research in the philosophical studies field across several languages, including Arabic, English and French. 

The publication of the first issue of the semi-annual Applied Linguistics Journal forms part of the university’s efforts to enhance scientific research in the field of Arabic linguistics, providing a research platform that deals with the Arabic language according to the most effective linguistic research methods, and the latest linguistic theories.

The first issue of the magazine included research papers that tested modern scientific hypotheses, seeking precise concepts to address certain linguistic phenomena in the Arabic language, and analysed issues related to the development of linguistic sciences.

His Excellency Dr Khalifa Mubarak Al Dhaheri, Chancellor of Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities, said that the publication of the three journals embodies the university’s support for the UAE’s aspiration to be a leader in the creation and dissemination of knowledge. The launch of the new journals also strengthens the university’s role in the field of scientific research and academic studies, and will elevate the university’s standing in the global academic community.

Dr Al Dhaheri said that the publications are distinguished by their alignment with global trends in publishing that make academic articles easily available globally, providing access to researchers from around the world through major search engines. Issuing the Journals in cooperation with Brill International House for Scientific Research and Publishing will ensure quality control, as well as the distribution and spread of the journals physically and digitally through its extensive database network, enabling access for a global audience. The journals can also be accessed via the university’s website.