Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities is celebrating Ramadan with a series of public service programmes during the holy month. This includes the production of the third edition of Qur’an Mubeen, a 30-episode TV series on Al Emarat TV.

The programme sheds light on the values of faith as enshrined in the Quran. It examines selected verses from the holy book and Qur’anic texts, seeking to explain their connotations and the reasons for their revelation in the context of contemporary times.

An selection of scholars and professors will take turns presenting the television programme which discusses several topics, including stories from the Quran, proverbs, and universal verses as well as the morals of the Prophet Mohammad (PHUH). It will also explore the culture of dialogue, the methodology for understanding the Quran and its virtues in addition to understanding and celebrating Ramadan. The programme will also devote episodes discussing the concept of righteousness in the Quran, Quranic eloquence, reflections on the Surah Luqman, Ar-Ra'd, An-Nisa, Al-Imran, Ar-Rahman, and Al-Hujurat, recitations of the Quran, and the speech of mercy in the Quran. Other topics to be covered include family relations in the Quran, notable figures in the Quran, women in the Quran and manifestations of honour, as well as the central role of peace in the Quran.

During Ramadan, Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities will also present four episodes, which are open dialogues on religious discourse and human thought. These will feature religious, national, and leadership experts with the aim of sharing useful knowledge and enlightened thought to mark the important occasion. In addition, the episodes will open the door for discussion and direct communication between students at the university and religious and humanitarian thought leaders and influencers in the country.

Moreover, the university will present a religious video series that will be broadcast on the university’s platforms with one episode every day throughout Ramadan. The series includes the Guidance and Sermon programme, which aims to introduce some verses of the Quran, and the guidance and values they hold. Furthermore, the university will air the Prophetic Values video that addresses several moral values from the Sunnah of the Messenger.

Dr Khalifa Al Dhaheri, Chancellor of Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities, said: “These initiatives fall within the framework of the university’s commitment to serving the community. They strengthen our efforts in consolidating the values of faith in the Holy Quran. They also support the university’s mission of highlighting the human and national dimensions of religious discourse and consolidating them among students and members of society. In addition, they increase knowledge of the Emirati religious discourse’s national identity.”

Dr Al Dhaheri highlighted that, throughout Ramdan, Qur’an Mubeen will address the values and qualities that a Muslim must possess and adopt in their life, especially since they embody the values of human fraternity and call for mercy, endearment, love, and peaceful coexistence. He also stressed that the programme has achieved great success during the past two seasons, therefore, the university was keen on its continuity this year.

In addition, Dr Al Dhaheri explained that Islamic scholars, professors, and experts will take turns presenting the episodes and share their perspectives and expertise on the different topics that were carefully curated to benefit the audience.