The Center of Excellence in the Arabic Language at Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities is organizing the Computational Linguistics and Arabic Language Conference: Perceptions, applications, and aspirations on October 25-26, 2022, at InterContinental Hotels in Abu Dhabi in fulfillment of the university’s mandate to enhance the prestige and promote the widespread use of the Arabic language.

Renowned researchers and academics from all over the world will participate in the conference, during which extensive research and the latest insights will be presented focusing on topics such as creating computer lexicon and linguistic content,  problems and solutions relating to machine translation, computer linguistics and people of determination as well as phonetic, morphological and semantic analyses. In addition, experts will discuss the role of computing in teaching language to native and non-native speakers as well as computational linguistics and extensions of interdisciplinary sciences, and Arabic content on the Internet.

H.E Dr. Khaled Al Dhaheri, university chancellor, says organizing the conference is part of the university’s strategy to contribute towards the development of the Arabic language. “By providing a platform for experts to discuss the latest insights and developments in language and linguistics, we will be able to enrich Arabic not as an indispensable tool for communicating and generating new knowledge, but also in advancing its use in the field of computational linguistics,” he added.

In addition, Dr. Al Dhaheri says the conference will also provide opportunities for the university to establish partnerships for collaborative research in language computing as well as review the latest academic and applied studies in this field in addition to gaining new insights on the latest software and technologies that can leveraged for teaching Arabic and developing computational linguistics in the language that is spoken by over 300 million users worldwide. “By establishing joint research with academics and technology experts, we will be able to chart a more robust future for the Arabic language and enhance its stature in the international scientific community,” he continued.

The event will also feature companies at the forefront of computational linguistics and technologies showcasing the latest products and solutions in this growing sector.