The National Health Insurance Company – Daman, part of PureHealth has launched a new option for renewing Abu Dhabi Basic Plans for domestic workers via TAMM, Abu Dhabi's unified digital government platform.

In alignment with the digital transformation initiatives, this new process aims to streamline access to healthcare services for insurance renewals while elevating Daman's commitment to enhancing customer experiences. The process for renewing the Abu Dhabi Basic Plans has been optimised via TAMM and customers can complete policy renewals in just 15 minutes.

Daman offers a streamlined service, encompassing the renewal of Abu Dhabi Basic Plans for domestic workers and covering any fines incurred due to delays in health insurance renewals. The entire process, completed within minutes, eliminates the need for document submissions, using the digital identity linkage feature. Once payment is completed, the insurance policy renewal is activated within 15 minutes, and customers receive a confirmation email indicating the activation of policies for sponsored individuals.

To renew Abu Dhabi Basic Plans for domestic workers via TAMM visit: or search for the Renew Health Insurance - Daman service.

The Abu Dhabi Basic Health Insurance Plan, supported by Abu Dhabi Government, covers domestic workers sponsored by citizens or residents, who receive a wage of AED5,000 or less without housing provided by the sponsor, or AED4,000 or less if housing is provided by the sponsor.