Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities has published the first issue of the "Book Reviews" journal in cooperation with the National Archives and Library. It is aimed at enhancing the university’s publication initiatives and enriching the country’s cultural and literary landscape with new publications highlighting various works in the field of the humanities.

The journal is prefaced by a well-known statement made by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace: "The book is a vessel of science, civilization, culture, knowledge, literature and the arts, and nations are not measured by their material wealth alone, but by their cultural authenticity."

In its inaugural issue, "Book Reviews" will highlight the latest releases from international publishing houses, providing an opportunity for the university’s academic staff to engage the publications’ audiences worldwide. In coming up with the journal, the university also seeks to develop a reading culture, now made easier with advances in communication technologies.

The journal, which reviews books published in the world’s leading languages, provides an excellent reference for researchers in the fields of social sciences, strategy, education as well as Islamic history and philosophy, as the reviewers are prominent professors at Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities and other renowned universities. “Peer review journals have a long tradition not just in academia, but also in the wider publishing industry in general as well as in prominent media outlets and cultural clubs. This publication seeks to make a valuable contribution to further enrich this tradition,” said X, Y, editor of “Book Reviews”.

The first issue of "Book Reviews" includes analyses of 10 new books published in the English language covering a wide range of subject matters such as philosophy, education and Islamic studies. They were critically reviewed by professors from Mohamed bin Zayed University for Humanities and other notable higher education institutions from around the world.

The books reviewed in the journal include "Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam in the Conflict of Empires", "What is Islamic Studies? European and American Approaches to a Disputed Field", "Islamic Studies in the Twenty-First Century", "Ethics and American Foreign Policy", "The Middle East and the World - A Case Study", The World in 2021", "The World from an Islamic Philosophy Perspective”, "The Last Renaissance”, “Taha Hussein and Building Institutions in Egypt", "War for Sympathy - Building Affection in a Broken World", "Analysing Students’ Grades” and  “Religious Intolerance and Prejudice: Islam Stuck Between Two Concepts”.