Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities announced the establishment of a Center for Philosophical and Academic Studies, the first of its kind in the country in the field of philosophical and academic research, in line with its vision of developing knowledge and research in the field of the humanities and strengthening the values of tolerance, coexistence, knowledge and sciences as well as preserving intellectual and civilizational guidelines.

Dr. Khaled Al Dhaheri, Chancellor of Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities pointed out that the Center for Philosophical Studies will work to foster intellectual discussions in the international community that will lead to advanced knowledge in the field of philosophical studies. In doing so, the center hopes to attract bright young Emiratis to pursue studies in philosophy thereby creating a community of experts in this field who will contribute to the advancement of philosophical thinking and interfaith dialogue and in the process enhance Abu Dhabi's reputation as a center of philosophy in the region.

He added “The Center for Philosophical Studies will engage in a wide range of activities and projects, including preparing academic programs in philosophical studies, contributing to setting up and reviewing a philosophy curriculum, preparing research papers and journals specialized in this field, as well as developing relevant media programs that will highlight philosophical studies and promote interest in studying the philosophy of religions.”

The university’s decision to focus on philosophy stems from its essential role and capacity to enrich this field in all its aspects. Tolerance, coexistence, happiness, values and knowledge are all concepts that require philosophical effort and a moral question that addresses the needs of a diverse and pluralist society and enable Arab thinking to play a major role in the formation of collective consciousness.

In addition, the brand identity of the Center for Philosophical Studies was also revealed, which was inspired by the close bond between wisdom and philosophy, and represents the role entrusted to the Center in presenting a philosophical discourse that is based on the solid synergy between wisdom and Sharia, its root fixed in the nation’s heritage and its branches reaching out to a global community that will serve the needs of humanity.