The Department of Finance - Abu Dhabi organized the 2025 Budget Cycle event, reinforcing its pivotal role in creating an innovative financial ecosystem that fosters economic stability and prosperity. The event attracted noteworthy participation, with over 450 representing more than 60 government entities throughout the Emirate, including Undersecretaries, Director Generals, and senior representatives.

During the event, the esteemed participants discussed several innovative and proactive initiatives in budgeting and allocating government resources, which are essential for sustainable economic growth and enhancing the well-being of the community. Valuable insights were shared on the key aspects of preparing the 2025 budget while upholding the highest standards of meticulous planning, fiscal responsibility, and efficient resource allocation.

The 2025 Budget Cycle sets the overarching framework for government priorities through the optimal allocation of resources, diversifying revenue sources, and maintaining a prudent spending policy. Achieving this goal involves supporting the government’s economic and social development priorities, impacting positively on citizens, residents, and visitors alike.

The event featured interactive and practical sessions with representatives from the Department of Finance, as well as notable speakers from the Department of Health, the Department of Economic Development, the Integrated Transport Center, and other relevant government entities. The first session focused on budget transformation, while the second session delved into 2025 budget preparation. A discussion session was dedicated to exploring mechanisms to strengthen financial cooperation, encouraging active collaboration between the Department of Finance - Abu Dhabi and various government entities. Commenting on the event, H.E. Buthaina Al Mazrouei, Director General of Government Financial Affairs, stated, "We are pleased with the outcome of this event, in which we aimed at advancing financial efficiency and strengthening the fundamental principles of transparency within the financial sector. Our objective is to foster collaborative strategic engagement between the Department of Finance – Abu Dhabi and government entities, ensuring sustainable economic growth and prosperity of our community.”

She added, "Under the support and directives of wise leadership, we are working relentlessly towards our ambitious vision for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We continue dedicating our capabilities to enable and support vital sectors such as health, education, and social care, accelerating growth to ensure that everyone has access to the necessities of a decent life. Our ultimate goal is to further solidify Abu Dhabi's standing as a leading global hub for innovation, financial sustainability, and comprehensive development."

The event included several interactive sessions and activities for the participants, to offer their innovative insights and take actionable steps towards achieving the wise leadership’s vision for a prosperous and sustainable financial ecosystem.