Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO) has signed an agreement with Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) in Russia to advance scientific research for People of Determination.

The ZHO-MSU partnership seeks cooperation in the areas of psychotherapy and neuropsychology, dissemination of its results, exchange of academic materials, publications and other scientific information, in preparation for the launch of an UAE-Russian psychology dictionary.

The partnership will also develop shared research projects, educational cooperation in master's programmes, extra education for the training of specialists, and cooperation in other educational and academic exchanges in accordance with the legislation of the state parties.

The partnership came on the sidelines of ZHO’s high-level delegation to Russia from 23-27 April 2023, headed by His Excellency Abdullah Abdul-Ali Al Humaidan, ZHO’s Secretary-General.

The MoU was signed by His Excellency Abdullah Abdul-Ali Al Humaidan and MSU's Professor Yuri Alexandrovich Mazzi. The ceremony took place at the MSU’s headquarters, in the presence Hamad Rashid bin Alwan Al Habsi, Deputy Head of the UAE’s Mission in Moscow, leaders from both sides and scientific cadres from the university.

His Excellency Abdullah Abdul-Ali Al Humaidan said: "We, at ZHO, believe in the inevitable and necessary constructive international cooperation that serves the common interest and goals. We strive for cooperation with distinct global international institutions and entities in the specialised area of the People of Determination's welfare and rehabilitation to benefit our members.

“This cooperation is geared towards transferring the techniques of diagnosis, assessment, rehabilitation, psychotherapy and Russian neuropsychology to ZHO, and accrediting MSU to review the mechanisms of diagnosis and psychological and neurological assessment at ZHO. We also hope to establish a system for monitoring and tracking neurological and developmental cases at ZHO to set the appropriate programmes for their training, and to organise a ZHO-MSU conference to exchange experiences between the two sides, with the possibility of developing work to serve both parties.”

His Excellency Abdullah Abdul-Ali Al Humaidan highlighted the strong strategic and historical relations between UAE and Russia through mutual visits.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, visited Russia in October 2022 to meet President Vladimir Putin, which played a great role in opening new horizons for bilateral cooperation between the two countries and enhancing further growth and prosperity in various fields.