The DAZ Festival will take place from 12-21 April 2024 at Al Ain Zoo. Organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi), in partnership with Brag, the event will take place under the theme Farm Meets Safari, and will include live music, workshops, and a programme of activities for families.

The 10-day festival will feature a children's play park, carnival rides, skill games, obstacle courses, as well as various activities including a maze, zip line, climbing walls, swings and outdoor games.

A series of wildlife appearances and science shows on the community stage will also take place during the festival. The event will feature the DAZ Market, which includes a range of sustainable brands focused on products for children. Visitors can also explore Al Zin Zoo during the festival.

The market will feature workshop spaces, where visitors aged 4 to 12 can take part in activities including soil painting, seed bomb making, artistic planting and worm composting. The DAZ Festival will also showcase UAE culture and heritage at its heritage pods.