The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), part of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), has won two international awards at the Global Business Excellence Awards 2023, one of the most prestigious awards in the world for business excellence in various sectors.

The centre won two awards in the categories of Distinguished Social Media Campaign (Media Affairs Department) and Distinguished Finance Team (ITC Finance Management Team).

The centre won the Distinguished Social Media Campaign award for implementing the For Your Safety campaign, to raise awareness of safe use of electric scooters, highlighting the importance of safely operating them and emphasising the need to adhere to safety requirements. The campaign also urged users to follow the regulations regarding the use of electric and non-electric bicycles as well as electric scooters to enhance safety and ensure users adhere to the roads and pathways designated to them. The guidelines and regulations strictly mention the designated areas where driving these vehicles is permitted and the regulations also put an emphasis on behaviours that are illegal while using bicycles and scooters to ensure the safety of all members of society.

Within the framework of the campaign, the ITC implemented awareness initiatives with senior officials, that included the distribution of gifts of safety equipment to electric scooter users, motivating them to comply with laws and regulations that enhance their safety and protect them from risks and threats on the road.

The judging panel comprised high-level independent experts who selected winners according to rigorous criteria for each category and sector, with a focus on results in the areas of finance, innovation, customer service, employees, investors and community benefits.

Dalal Ibrahim Al Raeesi, Director of Media Affairs at ITC, said: "Winning this award stems from ITC's continuous efforts and the support of senior management to promote a culture of excellence and make it an integral part of our daily practices in various sectors and departments within ITC.

“We implemented this campaign according to a well thought out digital strategy, specific goals and clear awareness messages in several languages to reach various segments of society in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, as it was an intensive campaign through various social media platforms, digital channels and media outlets on which the target audience was reached, in addition to influencer marketing to reach the largest possible number of customers which made the campaign more effective and influential, enabling us to achieve the highest percentage of the set goals.”

The centre winning these awards is a reflection of its keenness to continuously develop its services to enhance its efficiency and quality. Part of ITC’s vision is to adopt the concepts of excellence and innovation as basic pillars of improvement and development in line with its objectives of improving the quality of services provided to the community and establishing an integrated and sustainable transport system that supports the local business environment, improves the quality of life in the emirate, and augments its competitiveness on the global stage.