The Integrated Transport Centre (Abu Dhabi Mobility) has completed a project to replace 5,071 interior lighting (LED) in the Sheikh Zayed Tunnel. The project aims for the lighting level of the tunnel to be consistent with the latest standards and technologies for tunnel lighting, taking into consideration the nature of tunnel traffic.

The new tunnel lighting is characterised by its efficiency, which reduces maintenance costs and increases continuous operational periods. It has the ability to control light intensity and colours, allowing for adaptive lighting based on road conditions and time of day. It contributes to optimising electricity consumption with a reduction of approximately 17 per cent and increases operational efficiency to 90 per cent, thereby preserving the quality of the night time environment and minimising negative impacts on the environment.

The project also aims to align with the best practices in the field to enhance security and efficiency for users of the Sheikh Zayed Tunnel, since it serves as a major artery in the transportation and infrastructure network in Abu Dhabi, stretching over 6.3km. The new lighting forms a safe environment for drivers through the tunnel, which is consistent with the environmental and sustainability requirements, and improves road safety by reducing traffic accidents.