Today, Khalifa Fund and Stallion AI announced the launch of the ‘AI Entrepreneur Programme’ (AIE). The Program aims to empower 75 young entrepreneurs over the course of 9-weeks to build AI-first startups in the UAE. The AIE Programme presents new simplified scientifically-driven ways to build an innovative startup and shows entrepreneurs how to spot valuable opportunities in the new AI economy.

H.E. Rashed Al Blooshi, Vice Chairman of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, stated: “As part of our ongoing commitment towards implementing technology and innovation into entrepreneurism, we’re delighted to partner with Stallion AI to launch the AI Entrepreneur Program.  Khalifa Fund is constantly identifying partners that match our values of innovation and technology to provide our entrepreneurial ecosystem with knowledge, resources and programmes that empower SMEs and entrepreneurs”.

He added: “The AI Entrepreneur Program comes as Khalifa Fund’s latest artificial intelligence contribution within the SME sector, following the launch of our successful AI Mentor. We look forward to providing more technological advances for UAE entrepreneurs.”

Samer Obeidat, MGM CEO & Product Architect said: “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already disrupting the world we live in. Although, It is rapidly transforming the global economy with an estimated growth of $15.7 trillion by 2030, AI will lead to technological unemployment by replacing over 40% of blue and white collar human workers and professionals by 2030. People and organizations would need to become what I term “Artificial Intelligence Citizens” to be able to function in the future AI nation, and navigate a digital world with different nature of work, economic landscape, and lifestyle.”

The program covers best practices, frameworks, and tools to becoming an AI-First start-up. The program presents real-life applications of AI across different sectors. It introduces emerging easy-to-learn, business commercialization model called the 10 Building Blocks of Business that doesn’t require an MBA to envision and harness business opportunities. In this new scientific approach to business, it introduces the dynamics of value creation and how evaluation of customer needs relates to product ideation in AI.

The program will be presented and managed on AIQOM platform, a digital AI ecosystem that enables everyone to easily learn, create, explore and monetize AI, across 4 main hubs: AI Nation, an exclusive global community for AI experts, students, entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals; AI Academy, multi-lingual certified programs and courses that range from the essentials of AI entrepreneurship programs to technical Deep Learning & Data Science skills’ track and career paths; Virtual AI Lab, the world’s first multi-lingual community-driven virtual AI Lab that enables everyone to create, experiment, deploy and explore AI models and applications to solve real-life problems; AI Marketplace, a decentralized open market for developers and non-tech citizens to explore, publish and monetize digital data and AI assets.

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