Abu Dhabi Police has affirmed, in cooperation with all relevant entities, its readiness to respond to adverse weather conditions in the emirate until 17 April 2024. Abu Dhabi Police and relevant entities, which include Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority (ADCDA), Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), Al Ain Municipality, Al Dhafra Municipality, and Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), will ensure to maintain the safety of the community and protect lives and property.

Abu Dhabi Police has assured activating emergency plans, spreading patrols, as well as taking precautionary and preventative measures, including the deployment of additional personnel in control rooms.

Abu Dhabi Police and ADCDA has urged the public to adhere to safety and precautionary measures and follow weather broadcasts issued by the National Centre of Metrology and official resources.

Abu Dhabi Police has urged drivers to avoid distractions and commit to reduced speed limits, keep safe distance from other vehicles, avoid abrupt stoppages, and to slow down at curves to avoid skidding.

Abu Dhabi Police and ADCDA has also urged for caution during adverse and rainy weather conditions, avoid valleys and water accumulation areas, ensure windows and objects are properly secured against the wind, provide first aids kits, additional illuminating devices.

DoE and energy distribution and control companies have raised levels of readiness of emergency and maintenance teams to rapidly respond to all energy interruption reports that might be caused due to adverse weather conditions.

DoE said all required resources, including reserve generators and water tanks, have been put in place to rapidly respond to any needed support and to assist local efforts.

DoE and energy companies have also sent SMSs to the public to raise awareness on how to respond to adverse weather conditions, as well as how to ensure the safety of electric appliances at home and within facilities.

DMT has affirmed its readiness and that of its affiliates ahead of the unstable weather conditions forecasted for the country. This is being addressed through proactive strategies put in place all emirate designed to provide a rapid response to any emerging challenges that may arise across the emirate.

DMT measures included elevating the readiness of municipalities, road and transport services, and increasing the number of maintenance and infrastructure teams members, and ensuring their deployment as required.

DMT is also coordinating efforts with strategic partners to enhance response efficiency, which includes activating the electronic signage system to educate the public, forming specialised emergency teams to handle street cleaning, enhancing preparations for rainwater drainage networks, and providing tree-trimming services. Additionally, preparations are underway to ensure that all necessary equipment, devices, pumps, water tanks, and vehicles are available to assist with any situation that may arise due to weather conditions.

In the same respect, Al Ain Municipality affirmed elevating readiness to deal and respond to adverse weather conditions in cooperation and coordination with all relevant strategic partners in Al Ain City.

Al Ain Municipality has also taken required proactive measures to mitigate the impacts of adverse weather conditions.

Al Dhafra Municipality has raised the levels of preparedness, activated operation rooms, field teams, resources and machinery, as well as activating an emergency call centre to receive calls from the public.

Al Dhafra Municipality has also affirmed that technical and field teams are ready to respond and deal with emergency cases and follow up on rain waters drainage networks.

In emergency situations, members of the public can call one of the following numbers: Abu Dhabi Police 999, Electricity Emergency 991, Water Emergency 992, Department of Municipalities and Transport to report accumulations 993.