The Department of Municipalities and Transport - Abu Dhabi (DMT) has launched two artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to streamline the building permit process across Abu Dhabi. These include the AI-Enabled Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Automated Plan Review System (APRS), and the AI Building Permits Virtual Assistant Chatbot.

The AI-enabled BIM/APRS platform is designed to transform the construction landscape in Abu Dhabi by seamlessly integrating advanced AI with BIM technology to facilitate the submission, review and approval of building permits efficiently and accurately. Its key features include automated code compliance checks, leveraging AI capabilities to identify potential compliance issues and ensuring adherence to Abu Dhabi's building codes. Consultants can submit 2D CAD drawings, which are then transformed into detailed 3D models, enabling comprehensive project reviews. Additionally, the platform offers integrated AI chatbot support, providing users with instant access to building codes and regulations to enhance compliance and streamline information retrieval, ensuring a smoother project development experience.

His Excellency Hamad Al Mutawa, Executive Director of the Planning and Infrastructure Sector at DMT, said: “The introduction of these AI-enabled solutions marks a substantial stride in our ongoing commitment to embrace intelligent technologies that elevate the standard of our services. By leveraging AI technology, we aim to provide prompt, accurate, and accessible support to facilitate the development process in Abu Dhabi. As we continue to innovate, we strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position as a leading destination for progressive urban development solutions."

The DMT is also rolling out the Building Permits AI Virtual Assistant, a state-of-the-art chatbot designed to streamline the permit application process. Offering instant access to a wealth of information related to building permits, this virtual assistant ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience for architects, engineers, consultants, and building owners. Its key features include instant access to building codes and regulations, guided assistance, and multi-language 24/7 support.

His Excellency Dr Omar Al Shaiba, Executive Director of the Information Technology Affairs Sector at DMT, said: "As we incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as AI-enhanced Building Information Modelling (BIM) and customised generative AI chatbots, into our building permit process, we are not just enhancing our services, but are also experiencing a transformation that aims to empower our stakeholders with smarter, fasters and more reliable services. This strategic integration closely aligns with DMT's Smart City roadmap, emphasising our steadfast dedication to pioneering a future where technology and urban development are seamlessly intertwined, ensuring Abu Dhabi remains at the forefront of innovative and sustainable urban planning.”

These initiatives underscore DMT's dedication to fostering ingenuity and digital transformation in urban development and municipal services. Through a strategic blend of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and advanced technology, the BIM/APRS platform and the Building Permits Virtual Assistant will increase workflow efficiency, enhance compliance, and elevate the overall project development experience across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, making it a hub of progress driving forward sustainable growth and innovation in the region and beyond.