PureHealth and Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) have partnered to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) aimed at enhancing the overall health and wellbeing of the UAE population, together with increasing life expectancies on a global scale.

PureHealth and MBZUAI’s collaboration covers several aspects, including conducting collaborative research projects; offering internships and placement; opportunities for MBZUAI students; organising hackathons dedicated to solving intricate problems in healthcare operations, supply chain, AI in healthcare, and data analytics. The special executive education courses will be tailored for PureHealth employees to enrich their knowledge and skills in this domain.

MBZUAI's expertise will assist PureHealth in deploying AI applications designed to enhance value-based healthcare. The use of AI algorithms to analyse vast medical data will enable healthcare professionals to make increasingly accurate and timely decisions, paving the way for further improvements and future developments in the broader health technology landscape.

Farhan Malik, Managing Director and CEO of PureHealth said: “The partnership with MBZUAI reflects our unwavering commitment to realising the vision of longevity. By combining our expertise with the cutting-edge capabilities of MBZUAI, we embark on a transformative journey that contributes to enriching the efforts aimed at shaping the future of healthcare for the people of the UAE and beyond. Our collaborative efforts will empower individuals to take control of their wellbeing to lead longer, healthier, and happier lives. Together, we take a bold stride towards a healthier, more resilient future for all.

“We look forward to enhancing our ongoing journey of building technology and AI-driven solutions to improve the healthcare we provide in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, we aim to extend our technology and knowledge to the global community, spreading the longevity’s vision from Abu Dhabi to the world.”

Eric Xing, MBZUAI President and University Professor, said: “AI will be the driving force for change in all areas of health – from predicting patient admissions, to improving computer vision capabilities for diagnosis, to remote healthcare in the metaverse – and is the reason it is one of our university’s core research pillars. The wellbeing of populations and individuals is embedded in data. AI is capable of sifting through enormous datasets beyond human limitations - peeling back the layers – and connecting the dots in a reduced amount of time with unparalleled accuracy. Using advanced algorithms, researchers continue to provide new solutions to assist healthcare professionals in carrying out the important work that they do.”

The inaugural workshop centred on future research and innovation partnerships within three core themes: Advancing Longevity Through AI in Healthcare; Addressing Operational Challenges in Healthcare; and AI for Diagnosis and Treatment. These themes are perfectly aligned with PureHealth's goal of building a future-proof Hospital in the Cloud, ensuring healthcare goes beyond traditional physical boundaries into a dynamic digital ecosystem at the forefront of innovation.

Researchers are currently developing an AI-based longevity score, PureScore, which will pioneer the future of healthcare as the region’s first evidence-based, dynamic score. It will provide a holistic view of an individual's health, from clinical to behavioural dimensions. This innovative tool is poised to accelerate ongoing efforts to promote longevity and enhance overall health and wellbeing, not only within the UAE but also on a global scale. By continually assimilating and evolving this extensive dataset, PureScore will empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding dietary choices, lifestyle adjustments and fitness routines. This ongoing evolution is set to significantly contribute to the enhancement of their overall health, fitness, and, most importantly, their longevity.

PureHealth’s collaboration with MBZUAI aligns perfectly with its overarching vision to unlock time for humanity and its mission to advance the science of longevity. The group harnesses cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to reimagine not just lifespans, but health spans, thereby future-proofing healthcare and catalysing the next wave of innovation.