Mubadala Health has announced the launch of a pilot programme that supports parents across Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA), furthering its commitment to safeguard and support the physical and mental wellbeing of parents and children. This pilot programme focuses on Community Awareness and Child Development Knowledge and is a key component of the Abu Dhabi Integrated Early Childhood Intervention System Framework.

The pilot programme aims to address the needs and rights of all children in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, along with boosting positive outcomes for children by educating parents on important developmental milestones and how they can support their children in achieving the best developmental outcomes. The programme will leverage the national vaccination schedule to increase awareness and understanding about any developmental delays and the importance of early intervention, along with tracking developmental progress for the appropriate age range and encouraging parents with concerns about their child's development to seek guidance as early as possible.

The second phase of the programme will see the launch of a Child Healthline that will be operated by Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre, a Mubadala Health Partner. This helpline will provide immediate support to parents or caregivers who have concerns about their child’s development, by providing them with the required healthcare services. Parents will also be provided with the resources essential to foster their child's development and enhance awareness of their child's changing developmental needs. These services range from tips on how to play with children to guidance on when and how to introduce solid foods to infants. The dedicated children’s support helpline will be resourced by trained and qualified nurses who will provide support and guidance to parents and assist in scheduling appointments if there are any concerns or problems that need to be resolved quickly with medical interventions.

H.E. Sana Mohamed Suhail, Director-General of Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA), said: "Together with our partners at Mubadala Health, we aim to raise parents' awareness about children's key developmental milestones and the importance of early intervention, as well as enabling them to detect any developmental disorders or delays, and encouraging them to talk about their concerns with healthcare professionals early, in order to ensure that the child receives accurate and early diagnosis, and access to appropriate intervention services."

Her Excellency stressed that the lack of awareness and understanding among parents regarding their children’s development journey and how to identify potential difficulties can be a barrier to children's timely access to early intervention services. This programme will contribute to improving the parents' confidence and knowledge of the signs of proper development of their children, and enable them to access experts and formal sources of information related to child growth and development, in order to support the healthy development of all children during early childhood.

Commenting on the partnership, Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Chief Executive Officer of Mubadala Health, said: “Mubadala Health is taking another significant step in support of families across Abu Dhabi, by launching pilot programmes that explore ways to safeguard and support the emotional, psychological and physical well-being of parents and children. This is just one of the many initiatives we are working on in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority to secure a bright future for parents and children in the emirate, by leveraging the expertise and capabilities of our world-class network of healthcare assets."

The outcomes of the pilot programme will enhance research and provide contemporary evidence on how to best support parents as they navigate parenthood. For this reason, this programme will be particularly beneficial for first-time parents within the region.