The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, the regulator of the healthcare sector in the emirate, has initiated the updated model of care for home care services that was launched earlier in 2021, as part of the department’s efforts in ensuring the access and availability of high-quality home care services to eligible patients. The department has updated the home care model after approving a list of service providers who met all the necessary requirements. These requirements will ensure that patients receive the best home care services in accordance with the highest international standards and global best practices.

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi approved 77 home care service providers in Abu Dhabi; with services covering more than 4,000 patients. The selected service providers met a set of requirements and standards in accordance with international accreditations, the provision of ongoing healthcare services and proximity to patients’ place of residence.

H.E. Dr. Jamal Al Kaabi, Undersecretary of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, said: “The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi is committed to updating and implementing advanced models of care that enhance the efficiency of the sector and contribute to the provision of healthcare services, in accordance with the highest international standards. We continue to improve the healthcare sector to guarantee that residents receive high-quality services that are readily available and that ultimately enhance their experience. The emirate’s advanced models of care will ensure that residents have continued access to services by certified, experienced and qualified specialists.”

H.E. added: “Initiating the updated model of care for home care services, one of the most comprehensive models of its kind globally, is a testament to the Department’s continuous efforts in enhancing the patient journey. Our top priority is to continue to advance the health and well-being of residents through patient-centred and timely services. The model for home care services adheres to global best practices, procedures and policies, whereby performance indicators are continuously monitored in order to ensure patient safety.”

The Department of Health - Abu Dhabi has accredited home care service providers across the emirate to ensure that patients have continued, easy and efficient access to these services.

DoH’s updated model of care for home care services includes clear guidelines to determining the eligibility of patients, clarifying the type of home care services provided and determining licensing requirements for service providers. The department indicated that patient eligibility will be evaluated according to several basic criteria that include diagnosing the patient’s needs and identifying the type of therapeutic and nursing care required. The department will also determine the appropriate service provider according to the needs of the health status of each patient.

Service providers expressed their appreciation for the support of the Department of Health and its efforts in upgrading healthcare services. Ali Mohsen Al-Naqib, CEO of Real Medical Centre, explained: “The updated model of care provides substantial opportunities for developments that will enhance access and quality of home care services while advancing the Emirate’s healthcare sector. The updated model of care provides clearer guidelines and definitions of services that will help citizens receive the care that best meets their needs while creating an environment that rewards high-quality and efficient care. While the primary goal of the updated model is to improve the health outcomes of patients, healthcare providers also stand to benefit through improved patient satisfaction, higher staff productivity and more.”

Mr. Abdulaziz Al Hosani, CEO of Tebabah Home Health Care, said: “We thank the esteemed Department of Health – Abu Dhabi for its efforts to provide a high-quality and integrated health care model that provides comprehensive treatment for the beneficiaries of the home care program. The updated model of care will ensure that home care services in Abu Dhabi adhere to global standards of comprehensive health care provided by highly skilled and qualified practitioners. The updated home care model reflects the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi's goal of improving the well-being of Abu Dhabi residents and providing access to integrated, innovative, high-quality and cost-effective healthcare.”

Mr. Jamil Ibrahim Chaaban, Business Development Manager at Happy Life Home Health Care, commented that the updated model of care for home care services raises the standard of care by ensuring that Abu Dhabi citizens receive improved healthcare services. The updated model will also encourage service providers to continue to upgrade their level of care.

Ahmed Hadi Al Rashdi, Chairman of Manchester Home Health Care, said: “This is a critical initiative that will modulate the context of health care system in Non-Acute Care settings through DoH’s leadership and governance. The updated model of care’s comprehensive approach and design prioritises all phases of the patient journey, thereby promoting the culture of holistic and patient-centred healthcare while encouraging patient and family engagement.”

Mr. Mohamed Merai, CEO of Ayadi Home Health Care Centre, explained that the updated model of care for home care services is founded on evidence-based practices and standards of care. The updated model of care ensures that timely and appropriate care is provided in the patient’s home. He added, “It is evident that Abu Dhabi’s healthcare sector has continued to prioritise the patient’s overall quality of life and this updated home care model emphasises the patient journey.”