Emirates Foundation has released the H1 2023 results of its pioneering DAWAMEE Programme, which aims to secure remote and part-time employment opportunities for UAE Nationals.

The results showed that 826 jobseekers benefited from the programme during the first half of the year. Meanwhile, 385 candidates were screened to interview, more than 100 of whom were successfully hired by the partners of the programme. The total number of job offers made by partners to UAE National jobseekers exceeded 120.

As a free, digital platform, DAWAMEE is targeted at UAE Nationals who are 18 years and above, with priority is given to groups facing employment challenges, such as People of Determination, low-income individuals, and those living at remote locations across the UAE. The portal provides cost-effective solutions for companies and corporations across a wide spectrum of sectors by offering them access to flexible employees with the right skills and knowledge.

Jamal Al Khater, Manager of DAWAMEE Programme, said: “The impressive results we have seen so far in 2023 have been largely down to the vital role played by our partners, and we would like to applaud their efforts in helping make DAWAMEE a success. This programme is so important for raising awareness about flexible employment, whether part-time or remote job opportunities – especially for UAE Nationals who may have felt their options were limited – we are delighted to see the progress thus far.”

Key partners to the DAWAMEE Programme include Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), Al Ansari Exchange, LM Exchange, EFS Facilities Services, and Al Salam Community School.

Results during H1 2023 of the DAWAMEE Programme reported that the total number of beneficiaries of DAWAMEE platform and events organised by the programme since the start of 2023 was 826. The number of jobs posted by DAWAMEE partners on the digital platform was 176. The number of jobseekers screened to interview by the programme’s partners totalled 385, while the number of interviews conducted by DAWAMEE partners was 340. Job offers made by the partners to jobseekers numbered 129, while 102 jobseekers were successfully hired by the programme’s partners.