Special Olympics UAE has announced strategic partnerships with leading national sports federations and healthcare institutions during the Special Olympics UAE Games, signing several MoUs supporting efforts to further develop and foster an inclusive environment for People of Determination.

A total of 11 MoUs were signed by Special Olympics UAE with the UAE Football Association, Emirates Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, Emirates Bowling Federation, UAE Badminton Federation, UAE Basketball Association, UAE e-Sports Federation, Emirates Society of Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, Jam Sports Academy, Burjeel Medical City, Millennium Hospital, and The Social Media Pioneers Association.

Among other collaborations, Special Olympics UAE has also established The Abu Dhabi Determination Cycling Team, in association  with the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club, with an aim to encourage cycling among People of Determination and build their capacity for participation in national, regional and international competitions.

His Excellency Talal Al Hashemi, National Director of Special Olympics UAE said, “The Special Olympics UAE Games is gaining momentum through the strength of partnerships that we forge to support People of Determination. We are delighted with the presence of national sports federations and associations and institutions from the health sector. Special Olympics UAE has signed many agreements that represent strategic steps towards establishing a comprehensive UAE-wide sports ecosystem to integrate People of Determination, one in which every organisation can contribute to meaningfully.”

Mohammed Hazzam Al Dhaheri, Secretary General of the UAE Football Association said, “We are proud of our relationship with Special Olympics UAE, and the UAE Football Association’s (UAE FA) contribution to its work nationwide. Football is the world’s most popular sport, and we believe that the world must open its arms to People of Determination. Sport provides an important platform to achieve this inclusion. We look forward to more joint initiatives and congratulate Special Olympics UAE on the success of the first Special Olympics UAE Games.”

Safeer Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer at Burjeel Holdings, said, "At Burjeel, we are committed to the dignity and inclusion of People of Determination. The principles and standards of the Special Olympics UAE align with our vision, making us natural partners. We look forward to this partnership, welcoming People of Determination, and spreading the message of inclusion to ensure they receive the necessary privileges across the UAE and beyond."

Special Olympics UAE has honoured ADNOC, Healthpoint UAE and Apollonia World Pediatric Dental Clinic, with the 2024 Local Golisano Health Leadership Award. The award is given to the Special Olympics health programme’s strategic partners, recognising their commitment to creating inclusive and supportive environments for People of Determination and enabling them to live healthier lives.

Talal Al Hashemi, National Director of Special Olympics UAE said, "We congratulate the winners of the 2024 Local Golisano Health Leadership Award. The Special Olympics UAE’s sports and health programmes come together to empower People of Determination. Without both programmes comprehensive inclusion into society cannot be achieved. We wish the winners of the 2024 Local Golisano Health Leadership Award the best of luck in international competitions."