The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) has announced the launch of two conformity certificate issuance services, the Personnel Conformity Certificate, and Certificate of Conformity for Individual Services, via the Jawdah system, through the council’s website.

QCC said the services are in line with the Abu Dhabi Programme for Effortless Customer Experience 2022, launched by the Abu Dhabi Government and implemented by the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority. The programme envisages a holistic approach to improving customer experience, enhancing the reputation of the emirate as a leading center in business and government services.

His Excellency Dr. Helal Humaid Al Kaabi, Secretary General of QCC, said the implementation of the customer experience programme will lead to shortened processes and time taken to avail services. It will also help reduce the number of required documents and, in turn, will result in customer satisfaction.

His Excellency added that by offering the service through the QCC website, customers now have a single window to obtain conformity certificates through designated centers after fulfilling the requirements. His Excellency also pointed out that achieving an effortless customer experience requires removing challenges to customers in accessing the service, making the process simple, easy and empowering for the customer.

QCC organised a series of workshops at its designated testing centres to explain the service provision stages for both services, including provision of data card, target group, drawing the customer’s detailed journey, and applying proposals and recommendations for the Personnel Conformity Certificate, as well as the requirements to apply for the Certificate of Conformity for Individual Services, including the necessary procedures for obtaining a certificate in four steps through the single portal system. Conformity certificates are granted by QCC through specific tests to verify that the customer meets the requirements of the relevant conformity programme.

His Excellency Badr Khamis Al Shumaili, Executive Director of the Compliance Services and Standards Sector at QCC, said the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Programme for Effortless Customer Experience 2022 aligned with the objectives of QCC, as well as its projects and programmes, which aimed to delegate individual services to strategic partners to make a quantum leap in providing conformity services. This also enhanced the quality of services, and reduced costs, simultaneously strengthening public-private partnerships.

The Abu Dhabi Programme for Effortless Customer Experience 2022 has been designed in line with the best international standards and focuses on improving the customer experience comprehensively. To this end, investments in human capital are also made along with providing comprehensive training programmes on customer experience related to services from government agencies. The programme’s approach is pioneering with four aspects including strategic direction, design, development and service provision.

The programme also relies on five strategic drivers as per the customer experience policy and guide of Abu Dhabi Government. It defines roles, sets standards for service delivery and on the priorities to improve customer experience to ensure that efforts and resources are focused. It has been drawn up to deal with the best global competencies and investments in capacity building to enhance the skill and experience levels of employees. This will enable them to provide world-class experiences to customers, while measuring the performance of services, including the significant customer effort index.