Silal is launching the Innovation Oasis, an advanced Innovation, Research, and Development Centre (R&D) in Al Ain, to enable an ecosystem to advance the UAE’s and region’s agriculture and food sector, using cutting-edge technologies.

Through its built-in laboratories and training facilities, the 300,000 square metres centre aims to provide a hub for academic institutions, research organisations, and businesses to develop and trial technically robust solutions to boost agricultural growth and sustainably enhance production.

From maximising water efficiency to developing seeds, improving soil quality and better irrigation water systems, Innovation Oasis tackles the key challenges facing agriculture and food production in the UAE and the region.

The facility also includes a soil and water lab, a pest and disease diagnostic lab, a variety improvement lab, a plant growth chamber and phenotyping facility for seed development, and postharvest facilities including cold stores and exhibition areas.

There will also be an open-field trial site including fertigation systems, IoT sensors, weather stations, and automated systems.