As part of its ongoing initiatives to support global efforts in promoting sustainability and climate action, the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has organised specialised workshops on Food Waste Reduction and Climate Action, and Climate Tracking Application: Awareness and Habit Control at its COP28 UAE platform at Expo City Dubai.

During the first workshop, Food Waste Reduction and Climate Action, Professor Mohammed Al Yafey, Acting Dean of the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, highlighted the importance of facing environmental challenges and the university's role as a pioneer in promoting awareness about food waste and climate change issues. The workshop included a discussion session on several important issues including effective strategies to reduce food loss, the role of individuals and institutions in mitigating climate change, as well as the importance of innovation in the field of sustainable agriculture and technological solutions to reduce the carbon footprint.

The important role played by the university in promoting dialogue on sustainability and climate change was also emphasised, and presented as a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences that contribute to shaping a more sustainable future.

Participants in the second session, Climate Tracking Application: Awareness and Habit Control, gave a presentation on Sustainability-Driven Technology Initiatives and Climate Change. The workshop also included a discussion with the participation of members of the academic staff and students from the university. The workshop aimed to raise awareness of the importance of technology in monitoring climate change and how to use such technology to improve daily habits and contribute to preserving the environment. The workshop concluded by emphasising UAEU’s role in encouraging scientific research and innovation in sustainability and climate.