To achieve its ambitious vision of becoming a research-intensive university, the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is promoting its global presence by developing international research partnerships. Such partnerships support the university’s efforts to provide innovative solutions to national and global challenges. Through its advanced computational and experimental laboratories and distinguished faculty and researchers, the UAE runs around 100 reputable undergraduate and graduate academic and research programmes. The UAEU has strong research collaborations with many institutions and research centres in the Republic of Korea (South Korea).

Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Provost for Research, said that the UAEU focuses on developing strategic research partnerships with international academic institutions in areas related to national priorities. The university developed research collaboration in the fields of health, materials science and engineering, with 77 academic institutions in South Korea. This collaboration increased the research outcomes of the joint studies and achieved the desired impact on academic communities.

He indicated faculty members and students of UAEU and other Korean universities and academic institutions published 245 research papers in Scopus journals during the period 2017-2022. The percentage of published scientific papers in the field of health is 18.8 per cent of the total research production during that period. The percentage of scientific papers related to engineering during the same period is 15 per cent.

Prof. Murad added that the outcomes of research projects with Korean universities and research centres have a strong impact. This is evident from the many citations of the joint scientific publications, indicating the quality of research outcomes. Most of the joint research papers were published with researchers from Yonsei University and Seoul National University. UAEU published papers by 27 researchers with coauthors of 28 researchers from Yonsei University. Also, 31 researchers from the UAEU published papers with 29 researchers from Seoul National University.

Prof. Murad added that there are three on-going research projects with Pusan National University (engineering), Sungkyunkwan University (mathematical science), and Yonsei University on the impact of mangroves on the ecosystem in carbon balance.