Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities (MBZUH) has produced a TV series titled Tomouh that will start airing on Abu Dhabi TV. Through 13 episodes, the programme will shed light on the university's programmes and serve as a platform to review initiatives to further advance its progress.

University professors and students will serve as presenters and will discuss the university's mission and role in society, as a beacon of knowledge and culture, as well as its aspirations to be a centre of excellence in the world in the field of humanities, social sciences, philosophy, Arabic language and literature and Islamic studies.

Through the programme, the university also seeks to highlight its commitment to properly present Islam and Arab culture to the world and to spread the virtues of tolerance, love, and respect for human rights, as well as uphold the values ​​of moderation and openness amongst different cultures and communities around the globe.

His Excellency Dr. Khalifa Al Dhaheri, Chancellor of MBZUH, says Tomouh is an excellent platform through which the university can highlight the important role it plays in society.

He said: “It supports the strengthening the values and aspirations that are consistent with the vision of the United Arab Emirates especially in spreading tolerance, peaceful coexistence as well as serving communities around the world through charitable and humanitarian initiatives and building bridges to foster dialogue and deeper understanding of different cultures.”

In addition, Dr. Al Dhaheri pointed out that the program will elaborate the university's commitment to preserving Sheikh Zayed's legacy deep-diving into the meanings of human fraternity, intercultural communication, achieving excellence and creativity, as well as presenting Islam and Arab culture in a positive light, highlighting respect for the rights of others, moderation and tolerance.

According to Dr. Al Dhaheri, Tomouh will also host enlightening discussions focusing on student life in the university, talking about their interests and passion for studying as well as aspirations for the future.

He said: “All episodes will be filmed at the university’s main campus, to showcase some its more impressive facilities, such as the House of Wisdom library, smart halls, and outdoor green spaces.”