Abu Dhabi Global Market Academy (ADGMA), The Human Resources Authority (HRA), Mubadala Investment Company (Mubadala), and NAFIS collectively announced today the launch of the next phase of the National Employability agenda, designed to promote continuous employability of Emirati talent in the financial sector at both the federal and local level within the United Arab Emirates.

At the signing ceremony, ADGMA with its strategic partners HRA, Mubadala and NAFIS came together to sign four significant memorandums of understanding (MOUs).

At a federal level, ADGMA will support through the Nafis program by increasing the competitiveness of Emirati human resources and empowering them to occupy jobs in the private sector/s. The Nafis program was launched as part of 'Projects of the 50', which is geared to accelerate the UAE’s development journey and boost its economy.

Representatives from each partner organization agreed to work together to formalize a comprehensive employability plan, which will highlight the Program’s structure and focus areas, in addition to identifying targeted employment number commitments within the private sector.

His Excellency Ghannam Al Mazrouei, Secretary General of the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council, commented on the MoU: “The purpose of this MOU is to confirm the strategic collaboration between the parties to work together to establish various employability-based programs to support Emirati national job seekers and ensure that they have the necessary skills and competencies to meet the needs of private sector organizations. The programs are based on a blended learning approach which combines foundational employability skills, international qualifications, on the job training, coaching and mentoring opportunities.

With an exceptional track record of upskilling programs, ADGM Academy was selected as one of the partners that shall help NAFIS build an enabling environment for a future-ready workforce. It is a great honor to join forces to create a bright future for Emirati professionals while offering a value-adding proposition to the private sector.”

At a local level, ADGMA signed 3 MoUs with its strategic partners in support of the National employability drive. The first MoU brings together HRA, Mubadala, and ADGMA under the “Together 4 Abu Dhabi”, with the remaining two MoUs establishing a future driven action plan for employability between HRA and ADGMA.

The local level MoUs seek to support the local community in offering long term career opportunities within the financial sector. The foundation of the engagements are built on flagship programs serving the Banking & finance, Insurance, Audit & Accountancy along with Consultancy & advisory sectors within the private sector. Designed and developed by ADGM Academy, in partnership with the private sector, the programs focus on a blended learning approach combining international qualifications, on-the-job training, and employability skills in order to upskill and reskill the local talent pool.  The program design ensures Emirati nationals are given hands-on experience within leading international institutions.

Speaking on behalf of ADGM Academy, Managing Director, Hamad Al Mazrouei said “This year is our UAE’s Golden Jubilee. We thank our leadership’s vision and focus on investing in its local talent. Collectively, we are responsible to build our great nation and ensure our Emirati nationals have the necessary skillsets to meet future market needs. Since the establishment of Abu Dhabi Global Market, we have focused on developing a robust Knowledge Hub to ensure the right talent and skillsets are made available to the financial ecosystem.  The collaboration between all entities reflects what makes this event special. We recognize today as a major milestone towards our collective approach to support the UAE”.

The “Together 4 Abu Dhabi” strategic collaboration between ADGMA, HRA and Mubadala focuses on long term employability of Emirati Nationals within the financial sector by providing structured employability programs with future driven needs in mind.

Homaid Al Shimmari, Deputy Group CEO and Chief Corporate & Human Capital Officer at Mubadala said: “As a responsible investor, Mubadala is committed to supporting the Emirati community by creating programs to advance local talent as the workforce and leaders of the future. Large-scale change to develop Emirati talent can only be done through strong private and public partnerships. We are proud to be collaborating with the Human Resources Authority and ADGM Academy to boost existing and new private-sector talent, particularly in sectors that will contribute to the UAE’s future growth, progress and prosperity.”

In addition, HRA and ADGMA also announced the planned launch of the region’s first financial job centre, designed to assess, upskill, develop, and identify job opportunities for young UAE National talent interested in joining the financial sector.

At the event, a panel discussion on Empowering Nationals with Sustainable Employment – Vision and Roadmap was also held. The panel discussed on how public-private sector partnerships will enable a launching pad for a resilient, empowered and future-ready workforce to lead the UAE to a future filled with unimaginable possibilities.

The panel featured prominent leadership speakers which included, HE Ghannam Al Mazrouei, Secretary General Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council. HE Homaid Al Shimmari, Deputy Group CEO and Chief Corporate & Human Capital Officer in Mubadala, HE Amal Al Jaberi, Acting Director General HRA.

The event also hosted the initial group of 50 Emirati Nationals who will be embarking on their training journeys with ADGM Academy, to support their employability in the private sector. The event allowed the new Emirati talent to hear directly from leadership regarding the vision and government direction on long term sustainable employability.

To date, ADGM Academy has successfully graduated over 250 Emirati Nationals from its various National Development Programs.  The partnerships signify the continued commitment of ensuring long term sustainable employment for future Emirati talent in various strategic sectors of the market.