Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (ADQCC) has launched Rasid, a platform that uses artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to monitor wastewater.

The platform, launched in partnership with G42 Healthcare, is an innovative integrated system to analyse wastewater sample results to monitor potential risks.

His Excellency Dr Helal Hamed Al Kaabi, Secretary-General of ADQCC, and Ashish Koshi, CEO of G42 Healthcare, signed an agreement authorising G42 to manage monitoring and analysis of wastewater testing.

The two parties will develop and modernise screening processes using advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to improve the effectiveness of operations, enhance the quality and safety of wastewater in Abu Dhabi, and advance environmental and health monitoring in the region.

This platform connects the relevant authorities to facilitate and accelerate decision-making through early warnings using forecasting models and artificial intelligence to detect and monitor pathogens, health and security risks, and environmental pollutants. It then uses studies of data to develop response and prevention plans with the concerned authorities.

His Excellency Dr Helal Hamed Al Kaabi said that the Rasid platform was a vital information source in investigation and early detection of potential risks. His Excellency Dr Helal Hamed Al Kaabi elaborated that the platform provided critical databases and information to help make decisions and support early warnings to combat any emerging or potential threat.

Ashish Koshi said: "We are pleased to announce the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, which reflects the council's confidence in our capabilities, advanced solutions, and extensive experience. The agreement confirms our unwavering commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and our keenness to improve the quality of infrastructure in Abu Dhabi, and we are excited to harness our state-of-the-art resources and knowledge in monitoring management and reference analysis to screen wastewater efficiently and effectively.

"We are proud of our ongoing cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, which comes within the framework of our shared vision for a more inclusive and sustainable future. We look forward to further cooperation and future initiatives to improve the quality of the environment and public health in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.”