Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA) has launched the ADAA Smart application that offers several features, including access to the Wajib platform.

The app allows individuals to report financial or administrative misconduct that may be caused to public funds and resources, not only to investigate, but also to prevent them from happening. The launch aims to encourage the sense of shared responsibility and promote a culture of awareness in preserving public resources in Abu Dhabi.

ADAA developed its digital platforms based on the highest global quality and information security standards as well as utilising the latest artificial intelligence technologies and optimal use of data. In addition, the app maintains user-confidentiality and privacy, promoting the value of accountability and raising the integrity of awareness of government employees and individuals, enhancing the emirate's position and trust in its financial and economic systems.

The ADAA Smart app can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store, allowing all community members to access ADAA’s initiatives and platforms with convenience and ease including Wajib Platform, statutory auditors services, as well as the financial disclosure platform for senior government employees.

An ADAA spokesperson said that the digital transformation process reflects the authority’s vision and mandate to safeguard public funds, and that the creation of the ADAA Smart app is in line with the main themes of Abu Dhabi's digitalisation agenda: government services, how to utilise and benefit from digital channels, government solutions that support joint digital transformation initiatives between government entities in Abu Dhabi, utilising artificial intelligence systems, and enhancing the emirate's proactive role across many areas, including achieving high levels of integrity and transparency.