During Ramadan, Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities will present the second edition of Quran Mubeen on Emirates TV, shedding light on the values of faith contained in the Holy Quran.

The TV programme will have 30 episodes, which will discuss interpretations of the Qur’anic text, including understanding its verbal connotations, stipulations and meanings of verses, as well as the reasons for the revelations and their relevance to the present day.

Quran Mubeen reviews the rhetorical and metaphorical images in the Qur'anic verses and how to reflect on their contents, taking a deep dive into the instructions and sermons within the text.

The series also seeks to contribute to highlighting the values of citizenship, fraternity, peace, and mercy. It will also have an episode on the ‘Cosmic Verses’, shedding light on the greatness of the creation of the universe and of life by presenting and interpreting the Quranic verses depicting the creation of heaven, in particular, its miraculous nature, proving that there is only one true God capable of creating and managing such a universe.

The special Ramadan production, produced by the university, will host a group of specialists in Islamic studies who will present the episodes, featuring moderated discussions by one of the university's staff and students. The series will feature a number of themes throughout its airing, with the first two episodes focusing on the virtue of the Holy Qur'an and understanding it.

Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities is also organising a competition around the TV programme through its social media platforms, with daily prizes to be won.

His Excellency Dr. Khalifa Al Dhaheri, Vice Chancellor of Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities, said that producing the TV programme is part of the university’s efforts to contribute to the enlightenment of society and to help the Islamic faithful in developing a deeper understanding of faith based on the teachings of the Quran.

His Excellency said: “Throughout the duration of the programme, Muslims can gain a better understanding of the values and qualities that we can all practice in this life, especially those that call for mercy, compassion, peaceful coexistence and human fraternity. It builds on the success of the first edition aired last year, which was warmly received by the audience.”

His Excellency commended the professors and Islamic studies specialists who are sharing their expertise with the public through the programme, and have contributed in carefully selecting the topics that will be featured in each episode to ensure that they will be most beneficial to the viewing public.