The Arab Youth Center (AYC) has launched the third edition of the Arab Youth Podcast training programme. The programme aims to empower talented youth from various Arab countries with the skills of preparing audio digital content that touches the priorities of young people, support human development paths, economies and knowledge societies in the Arab region using the latest tools and technologies.

The new edition of the programme is organised by the centre in cooperation with leading institutions in the Arabic content industry, including the international platforms Sawt, Content, Molham Plus, Anghami, the knowledge application Wajeez and Sky News Arabia Academy.

The third edition of the Arab Youth Podcast training programme will welcome participants aged between 15-35 who are interested in podcasting, designing, planning, implementing and producing creative audio content in Arabic.

Moza Al Hinai, Director of Strategic Research at AYC, said: "Through this programme, we seek to improve audio content, contribute to the production of high-quality Arabic youth audio channels, enhance the skills of Arab youth in the field of audio colouring, and provide young people with the basic and advanced skills necessary to launch their own audio platforms with the support of specialists and experts in the field of podcasts from the programme's partners, in addition to their participation in training courses and workshops in the field of podcasting and podcasting industry, in addition to direct advisory sessions between Young, experts and inspirers in the world of podcasts.”

The programme includes specialised courses in podcast production, audio recording and audio colouring, in addition to podcast montage and marketing workshops, and the top 20 finalists will have an intensive training stage. This includes hours of technical consultations with experts in the field to develop ideas, improve the work plan, and answer questions, within direct sessions on developing business plans, developing technical production, and creating publishing and marketing plans. The training takes place in two stages - the first of which 100 men and women participate to present podcast episodes at the end, from which the programme committee chooses the best 20 episodes, to qualify their owners for the second phase. The second phase includes training sessions, ending with the selection of the winning projects to honour the top three.