The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has achieved another milestone in integrating data and information into the unified address system "Onwani", as part of the DMT's "Addressing and Spatial Guidance" project.

The multipurpose integrated system facilitates GPS navigation and saves time and effort in reaching any destination in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It was developed by the DMT specifically to help users efficiently reach any destination or address they desire as part of the project to give unique names reflecting Emirati culture, numbers and labels to streets and neighborhoods, and to add a postal code for each location throughout the emirate, which enhances the quality of life and livability by simplifying finding any destination in Abu Dhabi.

The “Onwani” (My Address) project, will oversee the implementation of over 200,000 unique addresses, 19,000 road names, and install thousands of new road and district signs. The result is expected to improve how businesses and homes are referenced and located in ways that will provide benefit across all segments of Abu Dhabi society; improve emergency response time, assist faster delivery of goods and services, reduce carbon footprint, support public health, education, planning and operations, stimulate economic growth, and encourage residents and tourists to explore more destinations.

DMT noted that all data and information related to the buildings and establishments addresses is now available to use on global navigation programs and applications such as Google Maps, TomTom, Here Maps and other navigation systems, allowing Abu Dhabi residents and visitors to search for all the addresses they need using the building number, street name, neighborhood or city name, while identifying their current location. Users will also get the chance to find out more about the services available used by simply scanning the QR codes found on the Emirate's street signs or by using their smart phones.

The Department said the project data is also usable via the "OnwaniClick" app, developed by the DMT in 2019. Available in Arabic and English in versions for Android iOS devices. the app thus allows users to know even the meaning of place names, save and exchange easy and accurate address details via social media apps like WhatsApp and Instagram.

The Address Guidance and Special System promotes the facilitation of residents’ and businesses daily life by providing an integrated package of features designed to have a positive impact on the economic, social, security, environmental, tourism and cultural sectors, as well as to establish a solid infrastructure for the use of GIS technology.

DMT is coordinating with all stakeholders, government and private sector entities, and held introductory workshops for logistics companies on its unified address system developed as part of the Department's mandate to build a strong and intelligent digital infrastructure that enables easy and efficient travel throughout the emirate. 

Dr Omar Al Shaiba, Acting Executive Director, Information Technology Affairs Sector at the Department of Municipalities and Transport said: “The unified address system "Onwani" and the “Addressing and Spatial Guidance" project will pave the way to support the next wave of innovation in how geospatial technology and data is leveraged for progressive municipal governance and operations in Abu Dhabi, providing integrated set of functionalities and data in renowned global navigation systems and apps that serve sustainable growth for the economic, social, security, environmental, tourism and cultural sectors.”

“DMT aims to support Abu Dhabi position as one of the Smartest Cities on the world, by implementing pioneering digital transformation and “GeoSMART” solutions complemented by innovative design thinking and a progressive implementation approach” Dr Omar added.

Abu Dhabi residents and visitors who wish to find out more about the system, or to download “Onwani” app, can DMT website: