In line with its efforts to meet the needs of customers and their expectations and involve the community in the process of building and developing the government services in Abu Dhabi, TAMM has announced today that the TAMM app is available to all community members. This move aims to give them the opportunity to test the application and use the digital services available through it, in order to enhance the efficiency and quality of government services provided, leading to adding 100% of Abu Dhabi Government digital services on the TAMM app by the end of 2021. 

The Higher Committee of Digital Government invites the Abu Dhabi community to download and test the TAMM app, where 80% of Abu Dhabi Government digital services have been developed and added to the application, allowing users access to 570 digital services. The Committee encourages all community members to work hand in hand to test and try the provided digital services, share their feedback and suggestions and be part of the development process to enrich their experiences and develop further the future of government services in Abu Dhabi.

TAMM, a Ghadan 21 initiative, relies on cutting-edge technology to offer a wide range of government services in one online location. The free-to-use app, available on the Apple Store and Google Play store, offers comprehensive information on government services and more than 55 digital documents. Users can also complete 93% of government transactions in under six minutes in an efficient and seamless approach to further enrich the users’ experience.

His Excellency Ali Rashid Al Ketbi, Chairman of the Department of Government Support – Abu Dhabi, said: "Involving the Abu Dhabi community in building and developing the TAMM app is a major priority to achieve excellence in providing government services in the emirate. The launch of TAMM app comes in line with the ambitious vision of Abu Dhabi in the digital transformation field and as a product of Ghadan 21, Abu Dhabi’s accelerator programme, which is driving the emirate’s development through investments in business, innovation and people.”

Al Ketbi added: “We are extremely proud of the collaboration with the government entities in Abu Dhabi, which led to the current development phase of the TAMM app. Upon its completion, the application will be the go-to platform for all residents and citizens in Abu Dhabi to find information or access a wide range of governmental services, including payments. We continue to work extensively, side-by-side with government entities and the community members, to offer services via one unified digital platform. Through this collective effort, we strive to further strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position as a leader in digital transformation and set the standard for other countries to follow.”

Government services through a unified and pioneering digital platform

The TAMM app reflects the leadership’s vision of placing innovation and digitalisation at the forefront of its priorities to help meet the needs of the Abu Dhabi community, and is in line with the Abu Dhabi Government’s efforts to boost digital transformation across the emirate.  

His Excellency Ali Rashid Al Ketbi invites all community members to download the application from the official stores and start using it, and encourages them to share their valuable feedback and ideas to develop it further. 

The TAMM app comes under the supervision of the Higher Committee of the Digital Government and is aligned with its efforts to activate a digital transformation governance framework in Abu Dhabi that provides a new context for the evolution of government services toward a digital future.

H.E. Major General Maktoum Ali Al Sharifi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police, said, “While it is our vision to provide a safe and secure society in Abu Dhabi, we also have a responsibility to support residents and citizens and bring convenience and ease to their daily lives. The integration of government services on the TAMM mobile app marks an important step forward in how we better serve our customers. From now on, people can search on TAMM to take advantage of different services such as booking their driving test appointments and amending their driving licences without even leaving their homes.” 

Al Sharifi added: “With the community having access to the application, we look forward to receiving their observations to develop it and improve the customer experience.”

H.E. Mohammad Juma Bin Jarsh Al Falasi, Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, DoE, said: “We are extremely pleased to be part of TAMM and we commend them for their efforts in accelerating digitalisation in Abu Dhabi. This is an integral step in how we will deal and interact with customers going forward, hence, customer opinions are one of the most important reasons for the success of this application and a main pillar to reach our ambitious goals as early as possible. This move will not only make customers more familiar with using technology to complete services, it also fits perfectly in line with our objectives of maintaining high levels of service and promoting environmental sustainability.”

H.E. Rashid Abdul Karim Al Balooshi, Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, DED, said: “Aspiring to develop a culture of innovation is a value that we strongly believe in and it is apt to be part of an innovative digital ecosystem through TAMM that provides ease and convenience for all Abu Dhabi residents and citizens when completing government digital services. We have integrated our services on TAMM such as obtaining permits and the requirements for business licence procedures that will benefit business owners and entrepreneurs. Investors will play a fundamental role in the development of this application by sharing their suggestions and ideas in order to improve further the service framework.” 

H.E. Abdulla Al Sahi, Undersecretary of the Department of Municipalities and Transport, DMT, said: “As an organisation that is responsible for supporting the growth and urban development of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, we are delighted to play our part in this key achievement by joining other government entities in providing our services on TAMM. From requesting ceiling inspections to applying for a renewal of a building permit, our services and information are fully integrated on the TAMM ecosystem, which will make a big difference to both of us as an organisation and members of the society.” Al Sahi invited all community members to download the TAMM application and start using it, urging them to share their valuable feedback and ideas to develop it further. 

H.E. Eng. Hamad Ali Al Dhaheri, Undersecretary of the Department of Community Development, DCD, said: “As an organisation, our mission is to promote a sustainable society that is transparent and responsive to the needs of Abu Dhabi’s growing community, and TAMM app offers that opportunity. With a few clicks of a button, Abu Dhabi residents and citizens can take their first steps of practicing in social care in Abu Dhabi by applying for a professional licence, among many other services.”

Al Dhaheri added: “We believe that citizens and residents in Abu Dhabi have a key role in developing the framework of government services, which encouraged us to continue working with them to enrich their experiences through the TAMM app by presenting ideas and improvements to provide integrated digital services that meet their aspirations.”

H.E. Amer Hussain Al Hammadi, Undersecretary of the Department of Education and Knowledge, ADEK, said: “While we are committed to delivering first-class education to the stars of tomorrow, it is also important that we provide valuable support for parents that will make their lives much easier and listen to their feedback. Thanks to TAMM, we have implemented a number of digital services that can be accessed and completed on the smartphone app and website within a few minutes. With today’s announcement, we will continue to strive and deliver improved services that will exceed our customer’s expectations and benefit students and parents.”

H.E. Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al Kaabi, Undersecretary of the Department of Health, DoH, praised the continuous development of the digital services and providing it through the TAMM app. Al Kaabi said: “As our vision is to empower the Emirate’s healthcare sector and improve the wellbeing of individuals, the digital era is an important area that we are focusing on. Leveraging the implementation of latest digital solutions has provided us with an opportunity to offer all of our services on TAMM. This is particularly significant not only just to us as an organisation, but will also have a positive impact on those who are working in the healthcare field as they will now have access to an array of valuable and important services at their fingertips.”

H.E. Saood Al Hosani, Undersecretary of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, DCT, said: “Abu Dhabi has become one of the leading global destinations for business and tourism and the release of the TAMM application is warmly welcomed that will help propel the growth of the emirate. As well as people being able to view the latest events that are taking place across Abu Dhabi, there are a wide array of services that can be completed via the TAMM app. Whether it’s organising an event at a DCT venue or requesting for a tourist guide licence, TAMM app is the go-to place for all your tourism and culture needs.”

Al Hosani added: "We invite members of the community and visitors to share with us their suggestions to develop and enrich their experiences with regard to various tourism events and destinations in the emirate."

H.E. Hisham Khaled Malak, Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Department of Finance, DOF, said: “The TAMM app is a unified, integrated and safe platform, which offers digital government services to all community members. Today, digital solutions are widely integrated and has become a popular tool, especially when it comes to digital financial transactions. Through the secure and unified TAMM ecosystem, Abu Dhabi residents and citizens can look forward to conducting payments that are safe and easy to use.”

H.E. Fahed Salem Al Kayyoomi, Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Department of Government Support, DGS, said: “We strive to facilitate the daily life of the Abu Dhabi community by providing innovative digital solutions and adopting new methods to provide world-class government services. With today’s announcement, the TAMM app has become an integrated and efficient digital ecosystem. We strongly believe that involving customers to develop this framework will significantly benefit us to achieve excellence in providing services to customers, helping them save time as well as enriching their experiences.”

H.E. Saeed Al Bahri Salem Al Ameri, Director General of Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, ADAFSA, said: “We continue our efforts to simplify the ways and procedures of delivering our agriculture and food safety services to Abu Dhabi residents by adopting new approaches and solutions, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. The TAMM app has grown rapidly to become an efficient and integrated digital ecosystem that provides new innovative ways of delivering services to the Abu Dhabi community members.”

H.E. Eng. Mohamed Al Askar, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, said: “We are keen on making the TAMM app simple and easy to use for everyone and we strongly believe it will make a huge difference in people’s daily lives. At this stage, I encourage every member of the Abu Dhabi community to download the TAMM app on their smartphones, test the integrated digital services available on it, and share their suggestions to be part of this development that will drive growth in government services and achieve the aspirations of the customers.”

Tangible achievements 

The percentage of customers that are adopting digital services to complete their transactions has increased to 94 per cent, with 570 integrated services on the TAMM app. The fully integrated services of all government entities will accelerate those figures with the aim of reaching a higher user percentage by the end of 2021.

With all Abu Dhabi government entities sharing the same belief and vision, proactive steps have been taken together to drive digital transformation and achieve excellence across the entire emirate. This includes the staging of more than 200 immersive workshops with the involvement of 35 Abu Dhabi Government entity leaders, more than 120 specialists and 225 technical experts.

15 innovative digital solutions

Since its launch, TAMM has succeeded in implementing many digital initiatives and developing government services through close collaboration and partnership with all government entities in Abu Dhabi, which have enabled the positioning of TAMM as an advanced framework based on innovation, providing services swiftly and easily in order to contribute to raising the level of services provided digitally to residents of Abu Dhabi, advancing the process of digital transformation, and strengthening the emirate’s position and global leadership in providing services digitally.

Through joint efforts with its partners, 15 innovative digital enablers have now been added to the TAMM platform via the website and the app, providing more convenient services for all users. 

Abu Dhabi Pay, Abu Dhabi Connect and Abu Dhabi Locker are among solutions that have been introduced. 

Abu Dhabi Connect is a first-of-its-kind project in the region that allows government entities to safely exchange digital data and documents. It also enables Abu Dhabi residents and citizens to complete their government transactions and access government services without the need to carry and show their personal documents.

Abu Dhabi Locker provides a pioneering digital experience in storing official documents and key personal information, and enables residents and citizens to update and renew details of their information and process payments instantly through a single secure digital platform.

Building a sustainable city

Through these innovative digital enablers, customers have been saved more than 36 million physical visits to government offices. 

As Abu Dhabi continues its efforts to become a sustainable city, the TAMM platform will have a positive impact on the environment as so far, 261,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been reduced. It will also help reduce the economy’s reliance on cash, with consumers able to enjoy faster and more secure transactions when paying electronically through Abu Dhabi Pay.