Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority (ADSSA) and 42 Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital’s innovative and disruptive coding school, has hosted a workshop with a group of Emiratis in an introductory session designed to equip future talents with the technology skills needed to lead the emirates’ digital transformation.

This session marks the beginning of a joint cooperation between 42 Abu Dhabi and the Authority to introduce the beneficiaries to the school’s innovative learning methodology, which develops flexible learning pathways using a project-based approach, empowering students to take ownership of their learning journey.

Following the session,16 beneficiaries from the authority joined the school’s programme to embark on their coding journey, which has become one of the most vital fields of this era. The school and the authority will continue to organise additional sessions to expand the scope of beneficiaries.

His Excellency Qasim Alhashmi, Beneficiaries Affairs Executive Director at ADSSA, said: “At the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, we aim to offer innovative opportunities to our beneficiaries. As the UAE and the rest of the world prioritise skills development and capacity building in coding and advanced technologies, this joint initiative between the authority and 42 Abu Dhabi introduces the ADSSA’s beneficiaries to new, specialised fields. This enables them to acquire new skills that enhance and diversify their sources of income, which supports them in achieving a decent life for their families."

Marcos Muller Habig, Acting CEO of 42 Abu Dhabi, said: “Hosting this session further cements our role as a talent incubator that is developing and upskilling Emirati talents in the coding field to empower them to lead Abu Dhabi’s digital transformation. We look forward to hosting participants from more entities across the emirate to introduce them to our revolutionary coding programme, which has seen vast global success across the 42 Network and has equipped thousands of students with essential digital skills.”

Since its launch, 42 Abu Dhabi has enrolled 475 students, including 139 UAE national students, further cementing its role in upskilling national talents and equipping them with digital skills. In the past year, 358 job and internship opportunities were offered to 42 Abu Dhabi students, including 109 sponsorships for UAE national students as a result of the successful network of partners that the school has built.

All 42 Abu Dhabi students who complete the school’s Common Core, four additional modules and six-month internship are eligible to receive a Diploma in software development recognised by the National Qualification Centre (NQC) in the UAE.

42 Abu Dhabi is an innovative and disruptive coding school, launched in 2020 as an initiative of ADEK and Abu Dhabi’s Ghadan 21 accelerator programme, which aims to drive Abu Dhabi’s ongoing development through multi-faceted investments in business, innovation, and people.