AD Gaming, the entity driving Abu Dhabi’s fast-growing gaming industry, has signed a partnership agreement with SAWA Group, a leading game publishing and esports company, to facilitate expansion of publishers in the MENA region.

SAWA Group is a pioneer in the localisation of global video games, largely developed in China, and esports content, making SAWA’s established game library more accessible to Arabic speakers across the MENA region. In relocating to Abu Dhabi, SAWA group will be positioned in the heart of the region’s largest community of game developers. With SAWA Group’s game development expertise and access to content from the Asian continent, the local industry will continue to see unprecedented growth in the coming years.

The partnership agreement will bring together two leaders of industry in the gaming world, helping to facilitate the international expansion of Chinese gaming and esports companies through Abu Dhabi and providing the local industry with access to reach new content hungry audiences. Simultaneously, SAWA Group will benefit from being part of the largest cluster of gaming companies in the region, with opportunities to work alongside the ever-growing AD Gaming community on new and exciting projects.

Sultan Al Riyami, Head of Gaming & Esports at AD Gaming, said: “Demand for high-quality gaming content across the Arabic-speaking world has never been higher. The opportunity to tap into this market from Abu Dhabi is substantial, and SAWA’s expertise in the localisation of gaming esports content addresses this head on. Since its inception, AD Gaming has succeeded in building an ecosystem that supports all segments of the gaming and esports sector. Bringing SAWA into the fold both diversifies and expands our community as we continue to advance Abu Dhabi’s gaming industry.”

Jing Wang, CEO of SAWA Group, said: “Aligned with AD Gaming, SAWA Group is dedicated to enhancing the gaming and esports ecosystem in the UAE, creating more opportunities for the country’s passionate gamers to experience global content in their native language. By supporting its thriving community, we are confident that Abu Dhabi will become a premier global destination for gaming and esports.

 “Through the collaboration and partnership with AD Gaming, SAWA Group hopes to balance game publishing and esport exposure to make Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE one of the world’s top centres for the gaming industry.”

SAWA Group newly published the deep localised SLG game, Infinity Kingdom, which has been downloaded millions times across different app stores. Along with its own multi-channel network, SAWA Group also has partnerships with top tier TV channels in the MENA region, including MBC Group, through which SAWA try to build up the deep connection of game developer globally and the core of Arabic culture and all age’s players and users in MENA area.