Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA) has become the first government entity to migrate its data center to the G42 Cloud and enhance its AI capabilities across its digital operations.

The move is in line with the emirate’s leadership directives to achieve the highest levels of integrity and continuously enhance best governance practices.

The Authority partnered with G42, an Abu Dhabi-based AI and cloud computing company.

Under the partnership, ADAA will use advanced cloud computing and artificial intelligence to support the implementation of best governance practices and introduce new monitoring technologies as the G42 cloud will enable ADAA applications to be integrated with G42 AI tool; this in turn, will enhance Abu Dhabi’s competitiveness in global Governance indexes.

"This shift is in line with our government's mandate for digital transformation, which reflects our leadership’s foresight in mapping the future of the government sector to successfully anticipate and navigate global challenges that require change. We are empowered to implement digital systems and protocols in accordance to the best international standards”, explained Haifa Al Blooshi, ADAA’s Director of Information Technology.

This transformation results in an enhanced organizational performance and reduced financial and operational costs by adopting cloud technology, amplifying IT infrastructure maintenance and operation savings. This will also lead to improved operational flexibility, allowing ADAA to expand its service without limitation to hardware availability and it will also amplify information security and support the development of national cadres in the field of cloud computing. In addition, the agreement also supports rapid digital transformation across Abu Dhabi government and empowers ADAA to achieve its new strategy goals of enhancing the safeguarding of public funds, elevating the principles of accountability and integrity, and achieving optimum operational efficiency.

ADAA’s approach to digital transformation further amplifies its strategy to ensure business continuity and showcases the Authority’s drive to spearhead change for a safer and more prosperous future.