Abu Dhabi Cycling Club (ADCC) has signed a cooperation agreement with the application Link My Ride is the global platform specialized in organizing cycling events and community outings, whether for individuals or teams, to facilitate the practice of cycling around the world.

The "Link My Ride" application is one of the few interactive applications for cycling that allows users to communicate with each other and share all the details of the trip, including knowing the people participating and sharing the route of the trip, with the possibility of downloading it to ensure a distinctive experience.

The agreement was signed at the headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club in the presence of Mr. Al Nakhira Al Khaili, Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club, and Jacques Sauvagnargues, Co-founder of Link My Ride.

Al-Nakhira Al-Khaiili stressed that the club is constantly working to cooperate with various entities and sectors developing cycling in order to provide the opportunity for its members and all members of society to practice cycling in an easier and faster way, within the framework of the club’s strategy aimed at spreading this sport among all members of society, and making it a way of life, which is the approach. Abu Dhabi is the most attractive city for cycling in the world.

He added: “During the past period, we have noticed a noticeable increase in the number of cycling practitioners, from various sectors and from all segments of society, and in light of the club’s plan to hold more events and community outings, there must be an organizing framework for them by determining the numbers and routes of participants.” In an electronic form that facilitates the organizational process, and gives motivation to the riders to practice sports collectively with various segments of society to create a healthy, cohesive environment in order to see the record of their achievements in this sport, as well as follow up on those participating with them in events, or notify them of the presence of a gathering for them with the support of the club in order to further motivate them. Who should participate?

The Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club continued: “Cyclists will be able to reach all gamers from all over the world, as well as explore, plan, and create community outings near their location or city, and introduce riders to all participants in any event and the ability to comment.” For this post and interact with it.

For his part, Jacques Sauvagnargues expressed his happiness in cooperating with the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club, stressing that this agreement would enhance the status of bicycles in the UAE and Abu Dhabi, and contribute significantly to the increase in the number of its practitioners, in support of the health of community members.

He added: “We hope that cooperation will contribute to developing the work mechanism and organizing events within the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club. We have seen a great passion for this sport in Abu Dhabi, and we hope to be part of the development process for it in the coming period.”