The fifth Global Professional Kickboxing Championship will take place at the Mubadala Dome at Al Jazira Club on 24 February 2024. Organised by the UAE Muay Thai and Kickboxing Federation, the event will gather elite martial artists from around the world, further developing the combat sports scene in Abu Dhabi.

The competition will gather athletes from more than 20 countries, including China, Egypt, France, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain, amongst others. The event will feature the welterweight world title defence, where Andrea Santos from Portugal will compete against Khizer Nawaz, from Spain, as well as the super-middleweight clash, where Elias Habib Ali from the UAE will compete against Gustavo Jones from Brazil.

Abdullah Saeed Al Neyadi, President of the Asian and Arab Muay Thai Federations and the UAE Muay Thai and Kickboxing Federation, said: "Our collaboration with WAKO PRO is a milestone in our journey to position the UAE as a beacon for martial arts globally. This championship not only highlights the talent and dedication of the fighters but also reflects our leadership's vision in promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and the spirit of competition."

The fifth Global Professional Kickboxing Championship, which includes free admission for visitors, and will be streamed live worldwide, will also feature interactive fan zones, as well as community and health initiatives.