Rabdan Academy has inaugurated the Circles of Resilience initiative, marking the inception of a pioneering youth dialogue platform dedicated to the realms of security and defence.

The initiative is designed to equip young individuals with knowledge and insights into artificial intelligence, security technology, national defence, strengthening national security and contributing to development, innovation and technical research.

The initiative encompasses a series of targeted specialised sessions catering to diverse segments of society. These sessions feature experts, distinguished national figures, decision-makers and specialists in safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management.

In its inaugural session, the Circles of Resilience welcomed His Excellency Dr Obaid Al Hairi Salem Al Ketbi, who shed light on Visionary Security: Empowering Youth at the Intersection of AI, Technology and National Defence. His Excellency Al Ketbi elaborated on how Emirati youth can actively engage in the ongoing scientific advancements, leveraging artificial intelligence technologies to enhance national security measures and fostering development, innovation and technical research.

His Excellency Al Ketbi underscored the pivotal role of youth in society and emphasised the significance of training and educational programmes aimed at raising awareness among young individuals about the importance of academic research, technological innovation and the utilisation of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, security solutions and intelligence analysis, thereby innovating novel approaches to mitigate cyber risks. 

In the subsequent session, His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Butti Al Hamed, Chairman of the National Media Office, delved into the theme of Navigating the Nexus: Youth, Media, and National Security in the Digital Age.

His Excellency Al Hamed highlighted the imperative of aligning media endeavours with responsibility, emphasising that instilling values of loyalty and belonging forms the cornerstone of the most robust national security shield. His Excellency Al Hamed highlighted the UAE's paramount commitment to empowering youth, directing all endeavours towards equipping the new generations with contemporary knowledge and accumulated experiences that stimulate their potential and prepare them to shape the future of the UAE.

The forthcoming phase will witness the organisation of additional sessions in Abu Dhabi, with further details to be announced on the academy's official platforms.