Mild to Heavy rainfall is expected in parts of the emirate of Abu Dhabi from 11 until 13 February 2024. The number of clouds will increase, interspersed with cumulus clouds and accompanied by rainfall of varying intensity. Lightning and thunder will occur occasionally in some coastal and inland parts of Abu Dhabi alongside strong wind. Dust and dirt will lead to reduced horizontal visibility and turbulent sea waves.

Drivers are advised to drive with caution, adhere to safety guidelines and speed limits, as strong winds could lead to flying solid objects and falling trees. The public is advised to avoid valleys, beaches and water pools, ensure the availability of first aid kits, prepare alternative light sources and follow weather forecasts issued by The National Meteorology Center and official sources.

In case of an emergency, call 999 for Abu Dhabi Police, 991 for electricity failure, 922 for water failure, or 993 for the Department of Municipalities and Transport to report rain accumulations.