The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, in collaboration with the relevant entities in Abu Dhabi, reaffirmed its preparedness to respond to the adverse weather conditions expected in the emirate until 5 May 2024, ensuring the safety of community members and safeguarding lives and properties.

The Abu Dhabi Police reaffirmed the preparedness of the main and supporting teams across the emirate to respond to emergency cases, enhancing joint efforts among the emirate’s local entities, and ensuring swift response, through coordinating roles and  standardising measures to respond to the adverse weather conditions and its implications. 

The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters explained that it had initiated its emergency protocols, deployed support patrols and implemented numerous preventive measures, including increasing personnel number in operation rooms, activating early alarm systems, through sending alert messages to the residents of Abu Dhabi, updating them on safety measures during the adverse weather conditions.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority announced its readiness to respond to the adverse weather conditions, reemphasising that the safety of the community is its top priority, calling on the public to adhere to safety measures and to stay in safe places, avoid approaching watersheds, valleys and floods. The authority also urged the public to avoid contacting exposed electric appliances and devices during heavy rain and to call 999 in case of emergency, emphasising the significance of seeking information from official sources.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management Centre also reaffirmed readiness to respond to the adverse weather conditions through enhancing capabilities and resources as per the established plans and reports received from the National Centre of Meteorology. This highlights comprehensive coordination across the relevant sectors and entities to enhance integrated efforts  to effectively respond to the expected adverse weather conditions, and reaffirming the adoption of proactive plans and measures to follow up on the developments of the situation 24/7 through the centre’s operation centre to ensure entities’ readiness in their respective fields.    

The Department of Energy, alongside energy sector firms encompassing distribution, transmission, control and sustainable water solutions companies, has heightened the preparedness of emergency maintenance teams and rapid response units to address all issues related to power disruptions caused by adverse weather. The department dedicated ample resources for prompt interventions and put all assets, such as backup generators and water reserves, on standby to augment the endeavours of local authorities.

The Department of Municipalities and Transport – Abu Dhabi and its associated entities showcased their preparedness for the expected weather conditions by implementing proactive measures across the emirate. This included enhancing readiness for municipal services, as well as road and transportation services, in addition to deploying more maintenance teams and resources for roads, infrastructure and parks in various areas for swift response.

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, reaffirmed their ongoing coordination with relevant authorities to expedite responses. Their focus remains on issuing vital safety instructions to uphold public health, expedite recovery and ensure business continuity across the emirate.

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority intensified its readiness to best address the expected adverse weather conditions, enhancing the preparedness of emergency and crisis teams, volunteer groups and logistical support units. They stand ready to provide essential services, including shelter, sustenance and basic supplies.

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi declared its preparedness for weather-related challenges, highlighting the readiness of its technical teams and environmental experts across various fields. They stand poised to address emergencies, evaluate environmental conditions and implement essential precautionary measures.

In times of emergency, individuals can contact the following numbers: Abu Dhabi Police and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority (999), Electricity Emergency (991), Water Emergency (992), Department of Municipalities and Transport – Abu Dhabi (993) to report instances of fallen trees and rainwater accumulation.