Abu Dhabi Police has collaborated with partners to implement special initiatives during Ramadan, with the aim of spreading the value of solidarity among community members in the emirate.

Abu Dhabi Police has implemented Breaking the Fast initiative, launched by Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, distributing iftar meals to labourers in Al Ain.

With the support of a team of volunteers from Abshr Ya Watan, Abu Dhabi Police has also participated in giving iftar meals to drivers and road users in Abu Dhabi city.

Abu Dhabi Police reaffirmed that humanitarian efforts come in line with the directives of the wise leadership to promote noble societal and humanitarian values through collective action. The organisation of, and participation in, Ramadan initiatives reflect Abu Dhabi Police's commitment to its social responsibility through actively taking part in community activities that contribute to improving quality of life in the emirate.