The Department of Municipalities and Transport - Abu Dhabi has launched a comprehensive Performance Evaluation and Engineering Excellence System for engineering firms across Abu Dhabi. The system aims to assess engineering firms to improve quality and sustainability, while implementing enhanced industry-wide standards of performance.

As part of the system's comprehensive process, engineering firms, including consulting offices and contracting firms, will undergo a detailed quarterly evaluation. Among the criteria that will be used during the assessment are efficiency and resource optimisation as well as technical pillars such as expertise, quality of work and project management competence. Corporate performance will be evaluated based on financial metrics, liquidity, innovation, excellence, compliance with regulations and administrative efficiency.

To ensure transparency and quality, DMT employs a fully automated system that assesses engineering firms on a quarterly and yearly basis. This evaluation process meticulously categorises results and assigns a ranking from one to five stars, with the final rankings available publicly on the DMT website.

These rankings will offer owners the opportunity to make informed decisions based on the demonstrated quality and performance of engineering firms. This commitment to transparency aims to enhance consumer confidence and contribute to a more engaged community.

Eng. Yousif Al Fahim, Director of the Classification and Occupation Division at DMT, said: "The performance evaluation and engineering excellence system reflects our commitment to advancing the transformative journey of the emirate’s engineering sector. It also aims to boost innovation in the construction sector by elevating evaluation standards within the industry by fostering competitiveness through empowering stakeholders to select engineering services that best suit their needs."

The evaluation system underscores DMT's dedication to excellence, aiming to strengthen compliance, enhance technical efficiencies, encourage transparency and establish industry-wide quality standards for improved productivity and operational effectiveness.