The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) continues to coordinate with affiliates and strategic partners in response to the adverse weather conditions witnessed across Abu Dhabi. Progress has been made in ensuring continuity of services and infrastructure across the emirate by responding to the disruption caused by strong winds and unprecedented downpours.

Working in conjunction with stakeholders, DMT put practical measures in place ahead of the storm to mitigate its anticipated impact on community infrastructure. As soon as specialised teams confirmed that the impact of strong winds and heavy rainfall would exceed expectations, DMT acted swiftly in rolling out its emergency contingency plan. 

Emergency response teams were immediately deployed and worked throughout the night to provide support to those in areas most impacted by the record levels of rainfall, from major highways to residential communities. Tasked with safeguarding the community, response teams focused on addressing infrastructure requirements, including landscape, road, and drainage networks as well as street cleaning and removing obstructive debris caused by strong winds.

Teams across the emirate continue to work, and authorities remain in constant communication with residents and businesses to address concerns and provide support where required. DMT confirmed that a dedicated taskforce has been created to investigate the impact of the weather this week, and how best to prepare and safeguard communities for similar scenarios in the future. 

DMT commended the community spirit on show across the emirate this week, applauded the emergency response services for their tireless work, and reaffirmed its advice to all citizens to remain cautious and follow guidance from official sources.