The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) and Mubadala have launched a strategic partnership that aims to not only advance CSR initiatives across Abu Dhabi, but also to champion inclusivity and accessibility.

Mubadala's support reflects and strengthens DMT's commitment to community wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and, notably, inclusivity for People of Determination.

His Excellency Dr. Salem Khalfan Al Kaabi, the Director General of Operational Affairs at the DMT, said: “As we join forces with Mubadala, our partnership is more than a collaboration – it's a shared commitment to elevate Abu Dhabi's quality of life. We envision a future where our strategic partnership serves as a beacon for community wellbeing, environmental sustainability and inclusivity."

The first of these is the Beach Accessibility Project, which is designed to facilitate beach access for People of Determination. It will introduce sea elevators and guided track access to the water using the innovative SEATRAC system.

SEATRAC boasts a non-fixed installation design, ensuring flexible and adaptable access to the seawater. It is designed to provide individuals with mobility restrictions the freedom to enjoy the water independently and empowering them to navigate the beach area autonomously.

Powered by renewable energy sources, the system aligns with the DMT's sustainability strategy. Its self-sufficiency guarantees seamless and efficient operation, while the remote control feature ensures user-friendly accessibility.

The Beach Accessibility Project will be implemented across five beaches in Abu Dhabi, including the Al Bateen Public Beach, Al Bateen Ladies’ Beach, Corniche Public Beach, Corniche Family Beach, and Corniche Sahil Beach.

The two organisations will also establish 26 freshwater drinking fountains in parks across Abu Dhabi. These innovative fountains incorporate large internal water reservoirs, water filters, and high capacity chilling units, ensuring a refreshing and sustainable drinking water solution by reducing the reliance on single-use plastic bottles.

Homaid Al Shimmari, Deputy Group CEPO and Chief Corporate and Human Capital Officer in Mubadala Investment Company said: “Mubadala has an unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact in the communities we serve and are delighted to support this important initiative. Our partnerships with government and other entities are helping drive forward the goals of the emirate and ensuring a lasting legacy that will bring inclusivity and community wellbeing to all residents in Abu Dhabi.”

These initiatives are just the start of a series of projects with Mubadala that mark a transformative step for Abu Dhabi. They reflect a joint commitment to community wellbeing, environmental sustainability and inclusivity for People of Determination.