Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC), the UAE’s largest hospital for serious and complex care and a joint-venture partnership between Mayo Clinic and Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), welcomed a medical delegation from Chaim Sheba Medical Center. Chaim Sheba Medical Center is Israel’s biggest hospital and considered one of the top ten most technologically advanced hospitals in the world.

The delegation toured the SSMC complex and received a briefing on its operational and business model from Dr. Marwan Al Kaabi, Acting Group Chief Operations Officer, SEHA, and Dr. Naser Ammash, Chief Executive Officer, SSMC. The team from Chaim Sheba Medical Center was also given an in-depth presentation on SSMC’s highly specialized patient care services, which are in line with international standards of medicine.

"Our visit to Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City was enlightening. We were impressed by the modern facilities and quality health care. Sheikh Shakhbout's relationship with the Mayo Clinic is important as Sheba Medical Center also has a long-standing relationship with America's top medical facility. Therefore we hope that we will pool our knowledge so that together we can assist Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City for the benefit of the people in the Emirates," said Yoel Har Even, Director of Sheba International.

... we hope that we will pool our knowledge so that together we can assist Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City for the benefit of the people in the Emirates 

Yoel Har Even, Director of Sheba International

The 732-bed, medical complex is designed to provide specialized and advanced healthcare using global best practices and guidelines, to enhance healthcare standards in the UAE, through the expertise of the best trained and qualified medical professionals. The collaboration between Mayo Clinic and SEHA, both global leaders in healthcare, underscores SSMC’s depth of international expertise and local knowledge to safely deliver excellence in healthcare to the UAE community.

As part of the visit, the medical delegation was also briefed on the capabilities and advanced diagnostics of SSMC’s Cardiology Department. Additionally, Chaim Sheba Medical Center team visited operating theatres, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), patient lounges and SSMC’s Advanced Burn Treatment Center – the UAE’s first dedicated burn center.

SSMC is built over an area of 312404 square meters (SQM) and is a multi-specialty hospital. The complex boasts 32 different medical specialties, and employs 2,246 staff members, of which 440 are globally trained doctors. SSMC offers specialty surgeries for vascular diseases and conditions, burns, trauma, chest and lungs, orthopedics, and reconstructive surgery.

The medical facility is a regional and national center of excellence, and uses the latest diagnostic technologies, through exceptional clinical applications for improved patient experience. A key focus for SSMC is the investment in innovative medical technology, complementing its position as one the latest medical research centers in the UAE. This aligns with SEHA’s mandate to facilitate academic and health research and the UAE’s vision to increase accessibility to the latest and most comprehensive medical education for treatment of serious medical conditions and diseases in the UAE.