Healthpoint, an M42 company, has reached a milestone by conducting 100 successful surgeries using the Mako robotic arm by Stryker, the cutting-edge technology which was brought into the UAE by Healthpoint a year ago.

The Mako technology can be used for total knee, uni knee, patellofemoral and hip replacements. It provides greater accuracy, better outcomes, faster recovery and less pain for patients in comparison to replacements done with traditional techniques. This type of robotic surgery is widely offered abroad.

The technology was brought to Healthpoint by one of the most prominent orthopedic robotic surgeons in the industry. UK-based Dr. Jonathan Conroy specialises in robotic-assisted hip and knee surgery, and has extensive experience, offering procedures such as arthroscopic hip surgery and standard joint replacements.

The orthopedic robotic arm-assisted surgery technique allows surgeons to prepare for joint replacement operations with more precision and accuracy. After a patient undergoes a CT scan, a 3D model is generated using digital technology that can be viewed from all angles on a computer screen. This innovative technology provides a unique opportunity for the surgeon to visualise and anticipate how the hip or knee joint will functionally move. By assessing the joint replacement prior to surgery, the medical team can determine the optimal surgical approach to take. This ensures that the surgical plan is thoroughly modeled and evaluated before any procedure is performed.

Omar Al Naqbi, the Executive Director of Healthpoint, said: “At Healthpoint, we are delighted to have been able to help so many patients using the cutting-edge Mako robotic arm by Stryker. The milestone of 100 successful surgeries thus far using robotic arm-assisted surgery is a great achievement for our caregivers and has proven to be a game changer for our patients, too. Healthpoint will continue to monitor the market for new technologies that have the potential to improve the overall patient experience. This milestone serves as another achievement in our ongoing journey to deliver excellence in all aspects of care to our patients, and to bring world-class healthcare closer to home.”

In addition to treating several patients in the emirates, the hospital treated patients from around the globe including patients from the US, Kuwait and Egypt. The youngest patient, at 15 years of age, underwent total hip replacement, and the oldest, at 84, had a total knee replacement.

Some of the surgeries have helped young patients with developmental deformities or complex injuries after trauma. Recovery was noticeably quicker, but still depends on age, the commitment of the patient to work with a physiotherapist and the complexity of the surgery. Some patients were able to return to work after two weeks; but generally, most recover within six weeks after surgery.

Dr. Hasan Elias Baydoun, consultant orthopedic surgeon and head of orthopedic department at Healthpoint said: “The Mako robotic arm can perform extremely accurate incisions on the bone, which has been proven to result in a quicker recovery and better long-term results. We have received positive feedback from patients regarding the speed of their recovery, having good knee flexion, and experiencing better-than-expected outcomes in terms of returning to work and day-to-day activities. We have seen patients who undergo robotic surgery being able to go home the very same day.”

All joints can get osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can develop in any of the body’s joints. The knee joint is the one most commonly affected with osteoarthritis, often resulting in severe symptoms that require joint replacement surgery. In the near future, Healthpoint also expects to introduce shoulder replacements.