Hayat Biotech has partnered with the Kenya BioVax Institute to support and strengthen Kenya’s healthcare infrastructure and services. The partnership aims to enhance innovation in vaccine research and development, technologies and treatments, to address public health challenges in Kenya.

The signing ceremony, which took place in Nairobi, Kenya, was attended by His Excellency President William Ruto of Kenya and the UAE Ambassador to Kenya, and His Excellency Dr Salim Ibrahim Binahmed Mohamed Alnaqbi. Led by Naser al Yammahi, Deputy CEO of Hayat Biotech, and Dr Michael Lusiola, CEO of Kenya BioVax Institute, the partnership aims to bolster vaccine manufacturing, technology transfer, and research and development initiatives within Kenya.

The partnership encompasses a broad spectrum of activities, including technology transfer, vaccine manufacturing, and research and development aimed at addressing public health challenges. The collaboration aligns with Abu Dhabi's efforts to promote health equity globally and leverages the expertise and resources of a local company, further enhancing its role in advancing global healthcare solutions.

Both entities will collaborate on initiatives to enhance Kenya's capacity for emergency preparedness and resilience. This will involve the sharing of information, resources, and expertise to bolster the nation's readiness in mitigating health crises. The partnership will prioritise capacity-building efforts within Kenya's vaccine manufacturing ecosystem through the establishment of task forces and educational programmes.

By implementing monitoring and evaluation systems, the partners aim to track progress, address challenges and ensure the effective implementation of the agreement. Hayat Biotech and BioVax Institute will aid through grant programmes aimed at strengthening healthcare infrastructure and services across Kenya.

Naser al Yammahi, Deputy CEO, Hayat Biotech, said: “We are honoured to have the support and presence of His Excellency President William Ruto and His Excellency Dr Salim Ibrahim Binahmed Mohamed Alnaqbi, as we embark on this transformative partnership with BioVax Kenya. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our collective efforts to enhance healthcare delivery and promote public health in Kenya."