The Emirati Genome Program announced its collaboration with SEHA (Abu Dhabi Health Services Co.) to shed light on the value of genomic medicine and increase Emirati citizens’ participation in the program. As part of the partnership, SEHA hosted a three-day sample collection event for their Emirati employees.

Guided by the vision and commitment of the UAE’s leadership, and overseen by the UAE Genomics Council, the Emirati Genome Program aims to advance the provision of healthcare services for citizens and strengthen the country’s position as a hub for innovation and research in the field of genomics.

In partnership with SEHA’s extensive network of care facilities, new sample collection sites have been added in Abu Dhabi, which include Al Zafaranah Diagnostic & Screening Center, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Corniche Hospital, Madinat Khalifa Healthcare Center, and Baniyas Healthcare Center. Additionally, in Al Ain, new centers have been set up in Tawam Hospital and Mezyad Healthcare Center.

Dr Anwar Sallam, Group Chief Medical Officer, SEHA, said: “We share the vision of a comprehensive healthcare system in the UAE that is more personalized, and one which will significantly improve disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. At SEHA, we have already seen a great level of participation by our Emirati employees. This partnership will further provide easier access and attract more participants to the program. We call upon all Emiratis to participate in the world’s largest genomic studies, as their contribution will pave the way towards a healthier future for generations to come.”

G42 Healthcare will utilize its Biogenix Labs - Omics Centre of Excellence, the largest and most technologically advanced omics facility in the region, to analyze data anonymously, generate a comprehensive genomic map, and potentially find breakthrough insights to drive large-scale scientific discovery.

Dr. Fahed Al Marzooqi, Chief Operating Officer, G42 Healthcare, “Genomics is transforming the way we look at healthcare by providing us a far more detailed understanding of diseases’ progression. The Emirati Genome Program’s role is to enable the healthcare and medical community to harness the power of genomic technology and science to improve the health of the local population and deliver on the key healthcare priorities for the UAE. Our partnership with SEHA mirrors our commitment to ensure access to the program in Abu Dhabi, and at the same time, a chance for every Emirati to participate.”

The program is open to all UAE nationals of all ages. Participants will only be required to donate either a blood sample or a buccal swab during their visit to the collection sites. A team will be available at all sample collection sites to guide participants through the process. Every participant will help the scientific community create solutions of preventive, personalized, and precision medicine that works not only for themselves but also for their community and the future of their generations.

The program operates in line with the highest ethical and governance standards and ensures the anonymity of all participants. The data will be used to develop healthcare strategies to address the population’s specific needs now and, in the future, and support the advancement of preventive medicine in the UAE.
For more information and details on the Emirati Genome Program, including information on how to participate, visit or call on 800 UAE GENOME.